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    Romancing the Tulip

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    Lethal Weapon XXII - We are too old for this!
    When they were in really deep trouble, they were saved by a couple of great tits.

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    Title The Argonauts take Hilton Head

    Brett had a two stroke lead going into the 17th hole, but then a flying monster appeared out of nowhere and deflected his ball.

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    |:| Round and Round We Go |:|

    The Mummy Returns meets Alice in Zombieland - The wheels on the bus go round and round. We are all dead here. Our Alice fights the occult like never before! But, will she live to tell about it?
    Rick... "Alex, when I told you to build me a better mousetrap, I should have told you to build me a better intersection."
    narrator... "And now to Eve, our 'eye in the sky' traffic reporter..."
    Eve... "I don't know Jonathan, but it looks like they're in trouble. They just keep going round and round."
    Alex... "But Dad!, the zombie is going for the mousetrap!"
    Rick... "Alex! How do I get off this darn roundabout?!"

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    Orpheus - A Call to Action
    After a writing block of over 15 years, Orpheus is thrilled to feel behind him a stirring in his mirror. A young woman emerges but she des not seem to be his beloved muse. She tells him that Jason sent her to plead for Orpheus to accompny him on his quest for the Golden Fleece. Only the the great bard & poet Orpheus can calm the sirens, harpies and sea monsters along the way. Being the introspective sort, Orpheus ponders a bit - is this really his kind of thing?

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    Carousel Amazonian
    After the success of The Three Caballeros, Walt Disney returned to the Brazilian rain forest in order to bring the Rodgers and Hammerstein's Carousel to the big screen. The local was "not easy to deal with and in the end "the "bird problem" put an end to filming. Hundreds of birds showed up every day hoping for a walk-on or fly-in, and at the end of the second week actors Fabiana Oliveira and Agostinho Moraes walked off the set when their voices could not be heard over those of the birds (and cicadas.) The effort was not entirely vain however, as it provided the inspiration many years later for the movie Rio.

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    Conan the barber - Director’s Cut
    After Mr. Malmberg bought the Conan intellectual Property, movie after movie kept coming out.

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    Title: War of the Rings - The Final Final Chapter

    Starring M4, Genesis 1 and 2, Ent, Mr. F. Goodchild, the Wizard and various supporting freebies.

    The Force of the Star Warriors unite with the Power of the Ring Bearers to save Middle Earth from total annihilation from the evil Dark One.

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    Title: Life of Pi the Sequel

    In this sequel, Pi discovers that he had washed ashore on an island of Castaways...

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    Driving My Tulips

    Using logic that only makes sense in Hollywood, the prequel to Driving Miss Daisy takes place in Holland during a tulip mania (the original occurred in 1637). When a single bulb could be worth $400,000 in todays values. Here we find a young Miss Daisy earning a fortune as a tulip breeder. She brings to the client her breeding stock and even supplies the bees. She guarantees successful breeding but gives no guarantees as to value of the resulting offspring.

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    Dudley Do-Right the Musical

    Oh say it ain t so! Hollywood producers have remade Dudley Do-Right of the RCMP as a Busby Berkeley musical! Saving money by employing the Drama Club at Parkside High School for the lead roles and taping in the high school lobby. Here we see the opening in the luxuriant northern woods with Dudley singing “Ô Canada! Terre de nos aïeux, Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux!....” Meanwhile that dastardly villain Snideley Whiplash makes off with Little Nell Fenwick (played by Josi) heading for the Alberta tar sands in search of a functional railroad track to tie her to. This version is rated G by the Royal Canadian Women s League of Decency as long as the fans be used to cover up any “nasty bits” that the children might otherwise accidently see.

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    Peabody and Sherman 2015

    “Sherman, set the wayback machine for the pacific northwest and the year 1900. We re off to meet the legendary Paul Bon Jean, better known as Paul Bunyan. He s entered a clinic to have his famous bunion removed.” “But Mr. Peabody, without his bunion wouldn t he be just another common lumberjack?” “No worries, Sherman! You see, by sheer coincidence, Babe the Blue Ox has been referred to the same clinic for a male problem and has switched the paperwork.” “You mean…?” “Yes, Babe will end up with a pedicure and Paul…” “That s terrible, Mr. Peabody! Won t the other lumberjacks give him a hard time?” “No, actually he ll go on to become very popular in singing groups as the only lumberjack of the time who could sing soprano. In fact his quartet will do a world tour and be so smoking hot that the town of Winston Salem, North Carolina will name a shopping center after him.” ” You don t mean…?” “Yes…. Paul Mall.”

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    Sanford and Son’s Treasure Island

    Fred Sanford sez: One man’s junk is another man’s treasure

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    A new StoryTeller

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    ZDG #01 - Return to Primeval, Rex Goes Home.
    (Daz Studio 4.7) (3delight) (No Postprocessing)

    Abby; This is not the prehistoric era, it’s a girls locker room you you de-evolved male!
    Conner; Not my fault, it’s still broken. They never fixed it after Helen [interrupted]
    Abby; Forget it, where’s Rex.

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    Title: Jane Austen’s Teaze and Temptation

    Hildegard Templeton, heiress of Percy Manor, is guided by two friendly sprites. After the snowstorm, they guide her to the stable where Horatio the buff stableboy worked on the carriage. And Hildie sure worked on Horatio!

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    Aesophia and Daughter - The Flipper Episode

    “Aphrodite, have I ever told you the fable about the monkey and the dolphin? It seems a monkey fell overboard and a dolphin swam up to rescue him. The dolphin asked him if he was an important person where he came from. The monkey, figuring the dolphin for a rube, said that he was the most important person in Athens. Whereupon the dolphin asked if he was familiar with Piraeus (The port district of Athens). The monkey replied, ‘Why certainly! I dined with him just last week!’ The dolphin now realizing that he was being taken for a fool dumped the monkey to fend for himself. The moral being never insult someone who is willing to help you.” “Oh mom! You could as easily say… He who lies to the fishes, often sleeps with the fishes!”

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    Game of Thrones Season 46 - Fire Queen’s Revenge
    Summoning a magic artefact from the far future, the Fire Queen will revenge the death of her Father, Brother in Law and Nephew, which happens to be the same person. In Westros, anything is possible.

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    Real Housewives of Fairytale Land

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    Lassie's Ghost

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    50 Shades of Hay

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    A Christmas Carol 2: The Miser Strikes Back

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    In the Future

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    The Western Hero Rides into the Sunset at High Noon!

    While his faithful indian companion frantically beats out a warning on the drums, “Beat IT…Beat IT!”, our hero takes his leave of the new school marm. “Why no, maam, I don t know nothing about hormones. I did tell you that I was going to ride into the sunset…. and as I figure it
    it s 5 o’clock somewhere!”

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    CSI: Inverness - The Mothra Miniseries

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    Lord of the Rings Prequel 17 - the Hunt for the Ring

    Many years after the loss of Isildur in the Gladden Fields, the White Council discussed the matter of the One Ring. Saruman declared it carried away downstream and lost into the sea forever. Galadriel had her doubts and enlisted the aid of all the friendly creatures of Middle Earth to search the length of the Great River.

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    Title: Gone With The Mockingjay
    A classic tale of two women surviving hardship, loss, and rebellion... With birds. And projectiles. And dresses made from the curtains.

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    Title: The Who Files?

    The Doctor is back...this time, as a woman! She has a new vehicle, a new sonic welding torch screwdriver, and she's chosen a new companion: FBI Agent Fox Mulder! Their mission: to protect Earth from the invasion of the sinister BWC (Bald Wizard Creatures). Don't miss this exciting sci-fi crossover, [not] coming soon to a screen near you!

    The Doctor: You were right, Mulder...the truth is out there.
    Mulder: I think I'd rather stay in here, if it's all the same to you!

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