Making arm appear skeletonized?


Is there a product where it allows you to turn a G8 figure's arm into a skeletonized look?


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    What sort of skeletal look? There are zombie conversions that shrink the flesh a huge amount. Look at Renderosity for 'Ultra Zombie' and 'More for Ultra Zombie' by Christophe3D if this is the sort of thing you want. Then there is the 'Emaciated' body morph in the DAZ3D G8F Body Morphs pack, which can be dialled from 'slimmer of the year' to pretty extreme, but not as extreme as the Zombie morphs. Depends how far you want to go. ETA: not easy to limit it to a single arm. Usually whole body.
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    I see.

    That Ultra Zombie product looks very interesting, thank you very much for the recomendation Richard.

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    Hope it helps. Sorry I didn't provide links, but they sometimes disappear (along with the post) and I'm using an Android tablet, where adding links means typing in the html - and I'm not awake enough for that!
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