I want to manually install blender and unreal bridges without going through daz central or IM

[I want to manually install blender and unreal bridges without going through daz central or IM]
I don't like work with those, I don't like at all.
Is possible to do that? And actually make it to work?

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    I would like to know that as well. I much prefer manual install

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    DIM. Install it manually. Carefully select only the options you want, to the correct paths to install it. Keep the files after install [have to uncheck a box in DIM].

    After downloading and installing the bridges and the beta Hexagon [if you want that] and/or the beta D/S [if you want that] and one of those mesh grabbers add-ons [if you bought one and didn't read the install methods prior to purchase] - then go the computer's system controls to uninstall the app DIM.

    Unless something has changed since the Blender bridge first came out, that which is deposited in the AppData needs to be copied over to the Desktop so Blender can grab it and do its thing. Once done, that copy on the desktop can be deleted.

    Take note of where DIM copied the downloads to, tuck them into another folder so any future downloads don't overwrite them IF it matters. And/or copy or move them over to wherever you keep your backup folders ;-)

    oh yes, if after all this when you open D/S it claims it can't find that PostgreSQL CMS, go to Edit > Preferences, the tab for it and tell it again where the location is ;-)

    And hopefully all shall be well.

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    Well that's certainly faster! Thank you :-) 

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    Wow! thank you.

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