unknown model?

ald140876ald140876 Posts: 0

Greetings, I do not know if this is the correct site for this type of queries, otherwise I will thank the moderator for moving it to the correct site, thanks

Well it's just a question:

what is the name of this female model? I have reviewed the GF2 model catalog with no luck, and if it is a custom character can you tell me what the morphology package is included the body and head.

original post:


if anyone knows I appreciate the help, anyway thank a lot.




  • 3WC3WC Posts: 891

    Looks like Aiko.

  • QuixotryQuixotry Posts: 706

    I think 3WC is correct. It looks like Aiko 6.

  • ald140876ald140876 Posts: 0

    It seems that if it is the model that they indicate to me, I was looking in forums for some examples and observing the poses shown are the ones that are included in the aforementioned model

    thank you very much to both


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