Vertex indices on Geografted figures

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I have a figure with a Geografted part. When I call :


I get a DzVertexMesh back that includes the entire geometry (original figure with geografted part). Given a vertex index in that mesh, is there a way to look up the corresponding vertex index in the mesh that was the source for the geografted part?



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    Don't have time for a more detailed response... but also don't want to keep you hanging...

    There isn't a very convenient way... but it is possible.

    Using the assembly mesh, the vertices are ordered thus:
    - All host figure vertices, then each Geo-Grafted figure's vertices
    - Geo-Grafted figures are stable sorted by objectName, then vertex count; those that end up with no geometry do not contribute
    - The original list for stable sorting is in "fit to" order

    Hope that is enough to help keep you moving...


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    Thanks Rob, that does get me a bit further.

    My next blocker is this -- I need to find the graft vertex mappings between the parent figure and the grafted mesh. As I understand the geografting feature, there is a set of faces shared between parent mesh and the graft mesh -- how do I find the mappings between the two?

    When I look through the QtScript members on the object returned from DzShape->getGeometry() I see these two that look promising :


    Am I on the right track here? If so, can you provide some guidance on how to use these methods?


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