Any one interested in a collaboration

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OK So I gotta admit UV mapping isn't my thing at this point would anyone be interested in helping me map this and possibly texture with an eye towards getting these models into the store.That way I can concentrate on the modelling.

Thanks for your attention.



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    I would really recommend that you dived in to uvmapping yr objects. It's easier to find someone to help you with textures then it it with the mapping.
    It's actually not as hard as one would think in the beginning. Just stick to it and one day you will get that wonderful AHA moment. hehe ;)

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    Well I wouldn't be asking for help if I hadn't been trying to do this for weeks. So really I needed that moment yesterday.

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    I totally understand. Been there my self and was very frustraded about it when I couldn't get it to work. But in the end everything just clicked for me. uv mapping does take time to learn. It's not something that one learn over a couple of weeks. In the end when you've finally learned it you will feel very proud about it. ;)

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    "in a nutshell" ...

    Remove all shading domains if there be any.
    Slap on a Plane uvmap.
    Make some basic seams to unfold it. Aiming for 'sections' or 'islands'.
    Before validating, use Pin function if it helps to make nice islands.
    And yes they'll be all touching the bottom line. That's okay at this stage.

    When done, validate. Select the face mode and rearrange the islands, or at least resize them so you can see them.

    Make new Shading Domains.

    Then you can apply a new uvmap to each section which will hopefully be nice and flat and all that.
    Arrange them on the Checker T so as to NOT overlap. [commercial requirement last I heard]

    When it's all pretty, you can then remove all the shading domains and recreate shading domains that are logical for the project.
    EVERY Shading Domain MUST have its own "material" at this stage.
    Export out the .obj file.

    Close Hexagon.
    Open Hexagon.
    Import in that .obj file and clean up the materials. Leave nothing not actually in use by the Shading Domains.
    Oh yes, no texture images. Just plain colours.

    Export out the .obj file again.
    Test import it into D/S and make sure all those material names took properly.

    In D/S texture the item as you please being sure that any texture images are already from your texture folder(s) in the Runtime.
    Save out a mat file.

    Prop or rig .... save out a !Default mat to a materials subfolder for the prop or figure [assuming its a D/S figure/prop].

    Oh yes, save the project in increments ... BEFORE unfolding, AFTER validation, and at any time during the rearranging islands stages.
    On the uvmap do NOT weld dots, you will lose the whole map.
    On the uvmap do NOT weld any lines together that are in or border on different shading domains.
    If all the little dots appear to be unwelded [happens], use the tools > utilities setting up top to "merge duplicated uvs".

    The problem with having somebody else uvmap your mesh, is that often you'll find a mesh correction has to be made. It would then amount to a derivative work. And yes it's work. Now if indeedy you do find somebody that will team with you to do this, be careful to have all the minor details worked out as well.
    And the others are right, it does take awhile to learn the uvmapping process, but it is very good to accomplish it.

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    If you've found a partner ignore this ...

    I've been doing some uvmapping in 3D Coat ... it is a LOT easier to use but does have a price tag of course. For making commercial items though, it might be a good program to take a look at. Does all kinds of things. 64bit.

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