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I have removed the morph converter links and HD G8F as DAZ has some issue with them.





**Note many of you used my eye morphs for the freebie contest. Unfortunately when I made those morphs I made mistakes in the creation/coverstion and they effected the whole figure. My new morphs do not have that issue**

Cartoon Face for G8.1F



























Natural Breast Morphs G8F

Breast Sag and Undercurve. 3 Morphs 2 pictured





Scale Eyes (Anime Eyes Improved)

Extract to your daz3d "My Library" folder

This version no longer effects unintended vertices. (72KB Vs 936kb uncompressed)
Improved Scaling of eyes.












Skin Bump 8k

Universal Bump Map in 8k with files for applying to Genesis 8 Female. *Recommended only for close ups or 4k renders and above*






Retro NES for Daz3d

3 Props 14 Morphs







Ko Samui Beach Hdri Light

The HDRI is compiled from a picture by Marek Slabej marked as free to use. With files for use in Daz3d

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