How to use G2M (and other Legacy Male) uvs on G3F/G8F and vice versa

Hello everybody. I have recently gotten the Genesis 2 Raven morph and wanted to transfer the Female version to G3F. Transfering the morph went well but when trying to transfer the skin using Legacy UVs, it came out complete wrong. After some more investigation, I realized that the original morph used the G2M base uvs instead of the G2F uvs. Is there a way to use g2m uvs on g3f (and other legacy uvs of the opposite sex for g3/g8 for future reference)? 


  • According to the product page for the Genesis 2 Raven there are both G2F Base UVs and M5 UVs, presumably for the respective Female and Male versions.

    If, however, this is not correct, you can make a copy of the Genesis 2 Base Male UV file (..\data\DAZ 3D\Genesis 2\Male\UV Sets\DAZ 3D\Base\Base Male.dsf) and paste it into the equivalent Female folder.  This will enable you to use the G2M UV Set directly with G2F.  You can then use the Map Transfer facility to convert the textures to Genesis 2 Female Base, and thence the Legacy UVs product to put the textures onto Genesis 3 Female.  A tutorial for using Map Transfer can be found here:

    For Genesis (and Victoria 4/Michael 4 textures) you can use Map Transfer without needing to copy the UVs across because they all inhere in the same figure.  Although Genesis 2 Male and Female are separate figures you can copy the UVs across because they share the same basic mesh.  With later figures this is not possible.

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    So that's where it comes from! I have wondered more than once how the Genesis 2 Female had the Genesis 2 Male and M5 UV maps available sometimes (not by default), when they weren't present in the data folder. It's loaded by the character itself.

    Anyway, the female Raven loads with the Base Male UV by default, but switching to the Female Base UV doesn't fit, you get the usual gaps all over the place. But since you now have both Male and Female UV's on the one figure, you can do the map transfer to Genesis 2 Female UV straight away from the Female Raven (or Cardinal).

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    Alternatively, if you have the Genesis 3 UV Swap: Male and Female Base product, you won't need to do the Map Transfer, just use the Legacy UV's to Genesis 3 Male instead of the Genesis 3 Female. You have to do one of them, anyway, male or female, depending which package you have (Genesis 2 Male and Michael 6; or Genesis Pack, which covers M5) and apply it to the Genesis 3 Female using the Genesis 3 Male UV.

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