The SeaNautica Chronicles by Novica And RRRR Treasure Troves

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The SeaNautica Chronicles

Imagine a contest challenging you SO much as an artist.
1. I'd never had more than 2 people in a scene, much less NINE all impacting the story
2. I'd never used Ron's Brushes but took the plunge because of the storyline
3. I'd never had to be creative in thinking how I HAD to put something in a scene and make it work.

All that because of the RRRR contest- which is FUNKY FUN! (Random Runtime Roulette Renders)
Totte does a marvelous job running it. Imagine your products are numbered, and you use a randomizer to select numbers for you. They correlate to your products. Then you have to follow the rules for the contest that month and use those products. In December, there were 8 products, a minimum of 3 renders required (I had 5) and a story had to be told.

And that's how SeaNautica made her presence known. Personally, I think she cast a spell on Totte so she would evolve.

I have never laughed so hard when preparing a render or had so much fun creatively, in using products that don't normally make sense and making them do so to move the story along! One requirement I put on myself for the SeaNautica series is to take what is randomly assigned and have it guide the story in a "realistic" render series. If something is there, I have to find a way to incorporate it and you'll say, "Why of course- that belongs there." (Having characters that do magic helps!)

The RRRR contest forced me to use products that were just sitting forlornly in my Product Library. Morgan, Gunner, Lilly, the evil SeaNautica, and the lovely-save-the-day Oceana (Oh-see-ah-nah) have now sprang to life and I hope you enjoy the "SeaNautica Chronicles." Please note however, things will move quite slowly on this thread, I spend quite a bit of time on one render. This thread is independent of the RRRR and not part of it as I just can't participate and do it the way I want it and beat the deadlines. I do help sponsor the contests and always vote to support those wonderful, whacky artists!

In that regard, the most current RRRR links will be kept updated so you can easily find the fun- as the previous months' threads get buried fast as they are inactive. These treasure troves of renders are too valuable to get buried. Says me.

Want to participate OVER IN THE RRRR (not here!) but you don't want to do a spread sheet? Here's my formula for using the Product Library to see what products correlate to the numbers generated by the random generators.

Each page in Product Library has 40 entries. If your number is 40 or under, obviously you are going to be on page 1 and you just count down to that number. Let's say you're assigned number 125. (N for number)

Product number (125) divided by 40 (per page) =3(rd page) with 5 products left over. (40 x 3=120 products and I need 125) So you know it is past page 3 and you must go to the next page (page 4) and count down to the 5th item. Easy.

I am currently reserving the pages so the renders will be at the front.

Yes, feel free to post comments, ask about the products, etc.

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    Feb 12, 2014:
    Ken O'Banion did a fantastic job of pulling all the RRRR entries into a list. Go here for a blast into the past!

    The Dec 4th 2012 through Jan 12th (CURRENT) contest:
    Read the stories and see the renders here:
    Dec/Jan Discussion Thread/Behind the Scenes:

    The current voting link (and link to entries again) is here. Please VOTE, I can tell you I spent weeks on each render when I entered.

    October-November 2013 entries:
    November Discussion Thread/Behind The Scenes:

    Sept 15 to October 13th, 2013 Winners:
    October Entries:
    October Discussion Thread:

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    This post will have the links to the renders so when I get past the first batch you'll be able to skip to the next set, etc.

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    Gunner and Morgan lived in Dazville and thoroughly enjoyed their bungalow on the bay. Gunner was an avid fisherman, Morgan- not so much. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that Gunner on more than one occasion liked to fish for more than just fish. They had been married for several years, so Morgan knew what to expect from her spunky husband who was King of the Practical Jokes.

    TITLE: Best Catch Of The Day
    (Winner, 1st place Humor, 3rd place overall)

    Morgan is puzzled by her catch because it doesn’t look quite…normal.
    Gunner isn’t puzzled at all about his catch!

    Required: (items will be listed)

    1800 x 1350 - 1M
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    TITLE: “Throw It Back…NOW!!!”

    Morgan decided fishing wasn't for her, particularly after Gunner delightedly hooked her bikini. With a "Seriously, again?" look, she left to go take a hot shower. Gunner stayed behind to actually DO some fishing.

    Morgan had just exited the shower when Gunner came up the stairs from their dock, a big grin on his face. He held up his arm to show Morgan his prize. He was once again delighted by his catch, but Morgan can't believe what she is seeing!

    Frantically, Morgan gestured behind her husband. "Throw it back, NOW!" She wasn't exactly sure HOW that mother jellyfish got so big, she only knew it was the mother of all jellyfish. There just was something not right about it... perhaps it was the fact it was HUGE and out of the water!

    Gunner wheeled around just in time to duck a wayward tentacle as Morgan screamed her warning. Quickly realizing the wisdom of abandoning his catch, Gunner raced to the far end of the balcony and pitched the baby jellyfish over the railing.

    But instead of hearing just a splash, he heard muffled exclamations!

    2000 x 1500 - 2M
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    Story Title: SeaNautica's Revenge
    Title: "Dazville Daily"

    (FIRST: Click to enlarge/click again and read newspaper.)

    The new maid her husband hired was running late, and Lilly sure wished she hadn't picked up the Dazville Daily to kill time while waiting for the maid's arrival. The more she read, the more she wished she hadn't.

    She was worried...VERY worried. Her brother, Gunner, wasn't taking this situation seriously. Posing with that baby jellyfish for the front page news was sheer stupidity, putting a target on his back. Ken OBanion and Jindi were still missing, and there was no doubt SeaNautica had seen the entire fiasco when Gunner threw the jellyfish onto Ken's yacht instead of back into the bay.

    And now Gunner wanted Lilly to meet him and his wife Morgan at Bistro Miami... on the bay. The problem with such an "In your face!" statement to SeaNautica was that the Sea Sorceress could take any shape, any form, anytime. So getting in her face wasn't an option.

    But she had no qualms about getting into yours. The townspeople didn't know who they could trust, because they didn't know exactly WHO they were talking to. It was quite unnerving.

    Lilly just had to talk some sense into Gunner. Better yet, she'd talk to Morgan. His wife had more common sense, but unfortunately she could not persuade Gunner to meet elsewhere. Lilly had a bad feeling about this and decided not to delay. The maid would just have to come back some other time as she didn't have a key.

    (RRRR items: Summer Trees By Merlin, Fern Lea Cottage, Lilly For V4/A4)

    1714 x 1500 - 2M
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    Title: "Meeting At Bistro Miami."

    Bistro Miami had something for everyone. Locals could dine on the bay, there was an open area for families to sprawl out, and one of the pavilions stocked books and magazines to enjoy.

    "It never ceases to amaze me that's Gunner's favorite thing to do here," Lilly commented to Morgan as she walked up, indicating Gunner in the Book Pavilion. Morgan cocked her head at her sister-in-law and cautiously replied, "Lilly, is that you?"

    "Bajeezus, what kind of idiotic question is THAT?" Lilly frowned.

    Morgan sighed in relief. "Yep, it's you. You're the only Bajeezus person I know." She exhaled slowly. "And that type of question is getting asked a LOT around here. Thanks to SeaNautica." Morgan gestured with concern toward her friends Addison and Stefan. "The baby was interested in the Zawarkal soda that Addison was drinking. So... now Stefan is 100% sure that kid is going to 'poof' into SeaNautica. Addison's ready to smack him."

    "So I see," Lilly agreed. Then slowly she stiffened. "What's up with that, those two birds by that...NEWSPAPER!"

    "They're paper trained?" Morgan said sarcastically. "What's wrong with you? It's just a paper."

    "And those are JUST two sea gulls... I remember reading in the earlier newspaper about them and..." stepping to the side, Lilly peered around Stefan's body which had blocked her view. "...SUSHI! Oh my god, she's HERE! SeaNautica's here!" She had not even finished her sentence when children's shrieks erupted by the Book Pavilion. "What on earth...??!!"

    That's exactly what teenager Timelo wanted to know, as he was getting repeatedly smacked by a hovering surfboard while his friend watched in disbelief. "That's Melanie's board!" Addison cried as she and Stefan scrambled to their feet, effectively shooing the sea gulls into flight. Lilly raced forward and scooped up the sushi as Morgan turned in terror, just in time to observe SeaNautica focusing her attention on Gunner. "NO!"

    (RRRR items: Bistro Miami, The Bookcase Collection, At Home Poses M4/V4, Lilly For V4/A4)

    1744 x 1381 - 2M
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    Title: "Read Any Good Books Lately?"

    SeaNautica's steely gaze pinned Morgan to the spot. She had never seen such evil radiating from someone's soul- a soul that was mere feet away from Gunner. Her hesitation was only a split second. She leaped into action, sprinting toward the Book Pavilion just as SeaNautica floated a book in midair and sent a bolt of wispy blue smoke toward Gunner. It surrounded him and he began to shrink!

    Lilly's jaw dropped momentarily as she watched her brother disappearing into the book, but she quickly composed herself. She spun toward Stefan. "Catch!" she cried. She tossed the sushi a few feet over to him and took off in hot pursuit of Morgan to help Gunner. Stefan frantically pitched forward to catch the exotic food, totally confused. "Great Scot!" he exclaimed as he caught it.

    "Literally," Addison said with relief as the food nestled safely in Stefan's hands. Fortunately, she had overheard Lilly's reference to the newspaper and remembered about the unfortunate locals transformed by magic. "Don't let those birds near that!" she admonished Stefan as she turned to look at the chaos behind them.

    But SeaNautica was nowhere to be seen, and with a final "SWOOSH!" Gunner disappeared completely into the book! With a swirl of smoke, it also vanished. "No no no!" Morgan cried, skidding to a stop and staring at the deserted pavilion. Lilly bounded up the stairs and they stood there, dumbfounded.

    No one spoke.

    "Where IS he? What did" Morgan wailed, putting both hands over her mouth. Lilly looked around in desperation, needing to take action. "She's out there somewhere," she gestured toward the bay. "Let's go!"

    "Go? Go where?" Addison asked as she and Stefan joined them. She cradled her baby closely, chilled by what she had just witnessed. Other locals were over by Timelo watching him angrily stomp the listless surfboard laying on the floor. Lilly turned and pointed behind them.

    "Ken OBanion's Jet Bike," she explained hurriedly. "Let's get out in the bay. We know Gunner isn't here." Lilly patted Morgan's arm when she saw her sister-in-law's shoulders slightly droop. Lilly continued, "We'll find him Morgan. But we won't do it here."

    "You're right. The Jet Bike it is," Morgan straightened up with determination. "We've got to find Ken, NOW." As she and Lily left, she told Addison and Stefan to get their baby and the sushi home safely. Everyone was more that happy to leave Bistro Miami.

    (RRRR items: Bistro Miami, The Bookcase Collection, Jet Bike Textures Add-On)

    1440 x 1800 - 2M
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    Title: "Oceana Intervenes"
    (Pronounced Oh-see-ah-nah)

    Ken OBanion was very pleased with his Jet Bike, particularly since he thought he'd never see it again. SeaNautica had deposited both he and Jindi out to the rocky boulders by the lighthouse, and he swore he wouldn't be able to sit down for a week. Those rocks were HARD. Only by chance had Ken's mechanic been in the area, testing the durability of the Jet Bike's new chassis against bigger waves. And big they were- Jindi was barely holding on when discovered.

    Only a multi-millionaire could have afforded to convert the Jet Bike to a high speed Jet Ski, and it was state of the art technology. It was moored at the Bistro Miami docks only a hundred yards away, where many of the upscale boats were kept. Sure enough, Ken was among the locals congregated there. They were nervously discussing what had just occurred, and Ken moved forward to clasp Morgan's hand. "Morgan! I am so there anything we can do?"

    Morgan quickly told him their plan to search the bay, and Ken readily gave his permission for Morgan and Lilly to use the Jet Bike for bay reconnaissance. "I'll give the details to the police," Ken volunteered, untying the Jet Bike from its moorings as two patrol cars pull into the nearby parking lot. Morgan thanked him, clambered into the Jet Bike driver's seat, and extended her hand to help Lilly aboard as the vehicle began drifting away from the dock.

    Lilly was balanced on the oversized sideboard wing, and in the process of sitting down when she froze. With a relatively flat surf, it was easy to see two incoming ripples, growing larger and larger as they neared Bistro Miami. The ripples fanned out in an increasingly wide diameter. "Um, Morgan..." Lilly said, standing perfectly still. "I'm thinking this is another bad idea. Look over to your right...about thirty feet..."

    Morgan did, squinting against the glare. Something orange was beneath those ripples, and nothing orange belonged there. That was all she needed to know. "GET BACK TO THE DOCK!" she cried, scooting back in the seat and attempting to rise. Lilly looked toward the dock, but they had drifted quite a few yards away.

    WHAM! A few seconds later, the impact threw Morgan to her left and almost out of the seat, and Lilly pitched backwards, loosing both her flipflops in the process. The shoes bobbed away as wave of water hit the Jet Bike and it began toppling to the right. "Oh my go..." Morgan shrieked, hearing the screams from the onlookers on the nearby shore. Several men began racing toward the dock. "Hang on!" Kyoto Kid yelled. A quick thinker, he remembered an outdoor decor piece on the wall of Karibous Boutique, and sprinted a few stores down to quickly snatch the life buoy ring.

    Horrified, Morgan only had a split second to respond when tenacles began to slither across the left sideboard and toward her face. "Lilly look out!" she screamed. Lilly had no time to look as she was already battling the octopus which had appeared at the end of the Jet Bike.
    Lilly gritted her teeth, trying ineffectually to bat away the highest tentacle. She felt another one slither around her ankle. Morgan shoved against a rubbery suction cup and gasped, "Whadda we do!!??"

    "Grab this!" Kyoto Kid called from the dock, preparing to throw the life buoy ring. "I'll tow you back!"

    "Kinda busy right now!" Lilly ducked a swinging tentacle. As she straightened up, her eyes scanned the nearby water for more uninvited guests. Her eyes riveted to the mists of ocean water rising above the rest. "Oh not YOU again!" Lilly scowled, heaving even harder against the tenacle. "She's BACK!"

    Morgan spared a glance at the wisps forming a figure. However, she had to heave backward to avoid a tentacle trying to encircle her waist, and did not see the beautiful Sea Sorceress rising from the bay waters. Lilly did, however, and hope filled her soul as she met the eyes of the newcomer which exuded kindness.

    And determination.

    The Sorceress majestically raised both hands and immediately dewey moisture swirled toward the Jet Bike. In mere seconds, the octopus near Morgan faded away completely, and the second one quickly followed. Cheers erupted from the crowd on the dock and Lilly sagged against the back of the Jet Bike, heaving from her efforts. Morgan blinked in surprise and with great effort, managed to raise back up. When she saw the beautiful woman out in the water waiting patiently, she blurted, "Who ARE you?"

    "A friend, " the Sea Sorceress smiled. "I am Oceana, younger sister to SeaNautica. I'm sorry for the trouble she is causing you."

    The crowd gasped but were filled with relief. Someone on their side! Morgan didn't waste any time. "You know what she has done? Can you help us find my husband? PLEASE tell me you can!" She clasped her hands together anxiously as Kyoto Kid waded out to secure the Jet Bike.

    "It's not that simple," Oceana said quietly. "When mischief is near water, I can help you. But do not despair, there are others as powerful as myself who despise SeaNautica. They are not restricted to water...but are limited in different ways. They also have different powers. When the time comes, they will help you." Oceana began to fade. "Go to Fern Lea... Lilly's home..."

    "No!" Morgan wailed, lifting her hand to implore the disappearing Sorceress. But then she saw the reassurance in Oceana's eyes before the particles of mist slipped slowly to the surf and disappeared. The crowd watched silently, awestruck, then a voice broke the silence. "Man, that was one WILD ride!"

    Everyone on the dock was stunned to see MelanieL clamber up the steps at the end of the dock, sopping wet. Oceana had deposited her safely back with her friends! "Where's my board?" she demanded as she straightened up.

    "You can HAVE it," Timelo piped up, rubbing the bump on top of his head. There was a brief pause, then everyone let out a collective sigh of relief and began chuckling. Everyone, that is, except Lilly and Morgan. They were racing for the parking lot and back to Fern Lea Cottage.

    (RRRR items: Bistro Miami, Jet Bike Textures Add-On, Lilly For V4)

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    Title: "The Maid"

    About five minutes from Lilly's home, Morgan got a call from Addison on her cell phone. From the conversation, Lilly could tell that it was good news. "You'll never guess..." Morgan told Lily with a nervous smile after she hung up. "It seems Oceana wasn't through helping out."

    Lilly spared a brief look before returning her concentration on driving. "What'd she do?"

    "Well, imagine Stefan's surprise when the sushi he was holding turned into Scott-Livingston." Morgan gave a nervous laugh. "He dropped him, and not too gently according to Addison. And the two sea gulls scared Timelo when he went to get Melanie's board for her. One minute they were gulls sitting on the ledge, the next minute Serene Night and Tjohn! Timelo dropped the board and ran like crazy. I think it's safe to say he's had enough!"

    Lilly laughed, then somberly asked, "Is everyone okay?"
    "Well, Scott is going to have a bit of a bald spot on his head where the sea gulls pecked him, but other than that, yes." Morgan peered anxiously ahead. "We're almost there. I just don't know what to... expect." She bit her lip. Lilly put a reassuring hand on her arm just before they pulled into her driveway. She frowned as she eyed her home- the windows were different!

    "Are you seeing that?" Morgan gasped as she cautiously stepped out of the car. Lilly nodded as the front door of her home was opened to them by the maid, who demurely nodded in greeting. "I've started on the dusting, but it might take awhile," she purred.

    "Later!" Lilly hated to be rude as they hadn't even been introduced, but brushed her aside as she and Morgan rushed forward. Was Gunner here? They skidded to a bewildered stop at the scene that greeted them- Lilly's home was unrecognizable! Instead of a living room and dining room at the entry, there was one enormous area with thousands and thousands of books lining not one, but both walls! A medieval type library with bookcase after bookcase rose toward the ceiling, each stocked full of books. Books littered the table and, books, and more books!

    "Oh seriously..." Lilly muttered, overwhelmed. Morgan just stared, her gaze traveling upward to try and register exactly what they were dealing with. Was Gunner even here, or was this just a sick prank? She swallowed deeply and exhaled her breath slowly, refusing to give up. Thoughts of Oceana lifted her spirits- she certainly wouldn't lie to them, and SHE had been the one to send them back here.

    "I'm sorry you're upset," the maid quietly replied to Lilly. "I'm still working on it, but there's just too much to dust." Lilly turned, realizing the woman had misunderstood her comment, and turned to reassure her. However, the maid had already disappeared into the kitchen. She looked at Morgan. "Now what? We go through all these?"

    "We don't have a choice," Morgan replied firmly. She dejectedly plopped onto the sofa, but Lilly remained where she was, frowning. Morgan pursed her lips. "I know THAT look. Last time it was sea gulls and sushi."

    "And this time it's the MAID," Lilly turned swiftly, as if expecting the person in question to appear suddenly behind her. "SHE DIDN'T HAVE A KEY."

    2000 x 1468 - 2M
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    reserving for first batch again

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    still reserving, doing one post per image

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    needing a few more

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    reserved for more renders

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    Done! Will be adding the renders now.

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    reserved for product notes

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    Image One- "Best Catch Of The Day"

    These are the required products used in the render.
    Morgan For Victoria 4.2 And Genesis


    Ruffle Bikini On Sale 60% off but only for about 50 more minutes

    M4 Ensign

    The set is Oversea Bungalow. Gunner is for David 5.

    Fun Fact: the fishing pole took me two weeks to make from scratch. I used a coiled rope, eliminated polygons with the Polygon Group Editor, and also used it on a rake. Not a bad fishing pole from a rake and a static coiled rope, eh? If you zoom in, you'll see that there is a housing for the reel and a handle. I used D-Formers to make the shape for the housing.

    Fun Fact: The Ensign outfit makes a great scuba diving outfit or a wetsuit for surfers! It also went on quite well on Genesis, even though it is Generation 4.

    Fun Fact: The water is

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    "Throw It Back... NOW!"

    The jellyfish render continued with the use of Oversea Bungalow, Morgan, and Gunner. The products will be listed here from the contest that were required. They were the robe, the bed, the jellyfish. You had to re-use one item so I chose the Ensign M4 as Gunner was wearing it.


    Deco Bed 1

    Terrors of the Deep Jellyfish

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    The next set of images required EIGHT products, you had to use a minimum of two in each render, you could reuse whatever you wanted to, but all products had to be used. Minimum: 3 renders, max 5 (had to fit in one post.) I did 5 but only finished 4 because the library just wasn't the way I wanted it.

    It took time to stack a lot of books and props- those are individually done on those shelves scattered below the huge bookcases on each side. Every book, bottle, bowl, knick knack that are not IN the bookcases are not part of the set, they were brought in one by one and rescaled, diffuse colored to be different. All items on the table are also hand placed.

    Here were the required products (two in each scene, could be reused, all had to be used at least once)

    At Home Poses For M5 & V5 (Use in Bistro Miami)
    Bistro Miami (For Eastern Terrace)
    Fern Lea Cottage
    Jet Bike Add On Textures (Used on Jet Bike, obviously)
    Lily for V4/A4
    Summer Trees By Merlin (Used in newspaper scene)
    The Bookcase Collection
    Victoria Maid for Genesis 2 Females

    and the books in the bookcase at the end of the wall were adjusted and changed. Then it took me awhile for the lighting, that white apron and SeaNautica are difficult with Lilly- her skin materials are very different. So I withdrew the entries. (Newspaper, Bistro Miami, Gunner In Book, Jet Bike/Octopus, and the Library/Maid never made it.) I didn't want to tell the story with just 3 renders, too much action.

    FUN FACT: When you looked at the gals battling the octopus team, did you think, "That is a Jet BIKE and not a JET SKI?" Nope! Use it for one! I simply hid the side mirrors!

    FUN FACT: The bookcase is hiding a fireplace. The bookcase is from Opus Magnum as are all the ornate books, bottles, dishes, etc.

    FUN FACT: The child watching Timelo getting whacked on the head has an adult character for the face that was then morphed.

    FUN FACT: I bought this set just to use for the contest.
    The Library

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    I'm enjoying this very much, Novica. I was all caught up in the Sea Nautica story, but it looks like I'll have to wait on the edge of my seat for you to post the rest of it.

    I love all the detail you put into everything. You might not have entered the RRRR contest second time around, but this is a winner just the same. Note that I say that despite the trauma I have endured.... It's the last time I go anywhere with Ken!

    How are you liking the Library? It looks like an amazing set. I know you mentioned all the time it took to set up the books etc. just as you wanted. Does it add a lot to the render times?

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    LOL Jindi, I guess I should explain to folks how you people ended up in the story. If folks were reading the discussion threads, aka the ones where we post what products we've drawn, any problems or questions etc, they would really get the feel of how supportive the artists are who enter the RRRR fray. So when I did my story, I put the participating artists in the newspaper story as a poking fun/get them involved setup. Everyone has been such a good sport- particularly Scott-L, who, being turned into sushi for awhile, said it served him right because he'd been to Japan.

    The Library render times really didn't go up significantly with the books, but it did add to it. The way The Library is designed, you can turn off each individual bookcase and books inside them- it's well thought out. I'm going to do a review over in the product showcase thread because it's a great set. (EDIT- and also turn off walls, the ceiling, etc- so you can eliminate HUGE sections of the set to cut down render times.)

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    So I drew numbers and the next items I will be using are:

    924: Haunted Mansion Poses
    881: FW Darc
    1848: Swimming Pool
    2908: Fun And Flirty
    2540: Greek Ruin
    1647: Troglodyte Fantasy Armour
    317: Hermes Hair
    1389: Great Room Furniture London Poses

    I will put at least three of the items in the scenes, may reuse some. Interesting but not difficult mix. I already knew what I was doing before I drew, just have to make these "do what I'm doing." Haven't ever used any of these before. Will start on these sometime after next week, I have out of town company coming Thursday- Sunday. Hope Gunner's having a good time in that book, wherever he is!

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    In case you folks haven't seen the RRRR post- it's getting ready to spring into action for this month- and Totte is having fun with the idea of parodying the participants. I'm definitely "in" and so is Ken, so be sure and watch the fun unfold. I have images from Ken's Facebook page (thank you Luci45, who gave up that info long before Ken volunteered it- wha-ha-ha!) so keep an eye out for what I do to poor Ken. Not sure if SeaNautica will make an appearance over there, she doesn't tell me these things.

    Consider joining the fun- if you enter the contest, you're fair game for a parody. (That means people have to know something about you/ know your renders I assume.) We'll have to see what Totte comes up with. I think it will be a blast!

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