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von Hobovon Hobo Posts: 519

If I get a new computer, do I need to reinstall all of the DAZ content through the DAZ Install Manager? 

Or is there an easier way to just backup a directory and then restore once I switch to the new PC?

I know that third party products (Renderosity, etc.) are in the My Library folder:

c:\Users\[Username]\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library

But I'm not sure if there is a centralized location for all the DAZ Shop installs.

I'm assuming it's somewhere under c:\Users\Public

It would be nice to have a backup.


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  • kenshaw011267kenshaw011267 Posts: 3,081
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    They're stored where ever you point the DIM at. You can check that in the DIM or in studio itself. If you haven't messed with the defaults I think you'll find it in users/Public/Documents/Daz3d/My DAZ 3D Library.

    Depending on the size of the assets you have there are a number of options available to you but if you're not technically savvy loading through the DIM might be easiest even if it takes a while.

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 62,823

    DIM uses the manifests folder tot rack what it has installed, by default that is (as Irecall) in the Public Documents/Daz Install Manager/Manifests/ - those store absolute paths. DS uses the Content Management System which does use relative paths - its database in in

    %AppData%/Daz 3D/cms/ContentCluster/

    by default, and should be backed up/restored when DS and DIM are closed (and Carrara).

  • von Hobovon Hobo Posts: 519

    Thank you Richard. :)


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