First-Week-In-September (Unofficial) Freebie Mini-Challenge

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With everything that's gone on IRL (and from a PM that Music2u4u sent me), it looks like nobody's hosting the September Freebie Challenge ... yet. Here's an unofficial mini-challenge to keep things going until Music2u4u can find a host for this month.

Remember the game show "Win Ben Stein's Money"? Even if you don't, here's your chance to Win Rob Kelk's Money! Show me a scene from a game show - any game show, as long as it meets the forum TOS - and the best one gets $15 of my money as a DAZ3D GC.

Entries close end-of-day Daz Time on September 5. (By then, somebody should have stepped up to the plate and started the real Freebie Challenge... I hope.)

Will you use the freebie in the box, or go with what's behind the curtain? The prize could be yours - big money, big money - if the render is right!

Super Bonus Round: If your render uses only free characters and items - no "no count" items at all, including V4, M4, and Genesis - and you win, I'll add $5 to the GC. (Yes, I now expect to see a lot of renders with Apollo, Kururu, and Dawn...)

The Rules with my contest-specific changes in italics:

1. A minimum of 8 freebies (not the usual 10 - we're on a tight timetable here).

2. A maximum of 3 purchased items. (you may use paid plugins towards your commercial count.)

3. Base figures (V4, K4, Genesis and M4) don’t count as a purchased item or a freebie and may be used as needed.

4. No postwork. This rule WILL NOT CHANGE SO DON’T ASK! (except for signatures and borders)

5. Bryce, Hexagon, Blender, Poser and Daz are allowed for the contest. Items given free with these Apps will not count towards the freebie count as they will not be available for all users, but can be used as non countable items. 3rd party Poser figures need clarification as they can normally only be used within poser and are essentially paid for items as Poser is a paid for app.

6. Morphs will count toward a purchased item.

7. For an item to be considered free it must be offered as a freebie for the whole of the month. The exception to this rule is all Daz weekly freebies will be allowed throughout the entire month in which they are free. All permanent Daz freebies will be allowed at any time.

8. All links to freebies must work, and all freebies must be clearly and completely seen, not obstructed or hidden in any way from clear total viewing, no water reflections, or reflections that bend the freebie or distort it from it’s original form allowed without the freebie being seen above or outside the reflection itself as a stand alone, the freebie must be seen without having to enlarge the render to see it in any way, no items put against something the same color or texture making it blend into the other item. You may not link to items that specifically ask you not to link to them.


10. All the rules above will be enforced. If you do not understand any of them, please pm me or ask in the current challenge thread.DO NOT ASK FOR SPECIAL FAVORS AS THIS CONTEST MUST BE FAIR FOR ALL. Rich or poor, new computers or old, all will be treated equally. Newbies will be given as much help as we can offer.

11. You may enter as many renders as you like each month, as long as they qualify.

12. You may post any renders you like without freebies or paid fors, these will be called NAEs, so please list them as such. They will not be considered entries.

13. Having fun is a must. Play hard, but please do not hurt anyone. The Daz team and/or MOD has the right to edit or remove any inappropriate comments they wish to. This will not change.

14. (doesn't apply - I'm the only judge for this)

15. (doesn't apply - this is a mini-contest)

16. You may use as many freebies from “community” sites. These are sites that feature free items from various authors, like or You may NOT repeat a link to a third party site “exactly” once used in the entry, You can, however, use the same third party site link as long as it goes to a different page. is an example of this.

17. You may edit your entry a maximum of three times. This will include adding or removing of items, change of color or texture, lighting issues, poses, poke throughs. You MUST re-enter the render leaving the original also posted. You also must state what you edited and tell the post that you have re-entered the render for updating. YOU MAY NOT COMPLETELY REPLACE YOUR ENTRY WITH ANOTHER ONE OF A DIFFERENT TYPE. It must retain the original scene setting and characters. You may CHANGE a characters appearance, but not the overall character. It must stay. You may add or take away what else you like or don’t like, just remember….it’s your entry. Any freebies added, must be added to the links and must be working for folks to get.



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