V5,V6,etc TC by 3DU please

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I would love to use my Genesis skins on my V4, M4, V3 or earlier too for various reasons,
I have most the texture converter plugins neeeded to go between the Generation 3 & 4 figures but was already missing not being able to use V5 skins on V4 then they go and create even more new uv sets!
so pleeeeeeeeeeease 3DU, make a plugin if you can?


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    would be possible for TC from M4/Mil3 to any of the Poser male figures? like Ryan2 or JamesP6?

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    A nice idea, and it would be very handy, but consider — I've looked at quite a few earlier generation skin textures, and not many of them were as big as what's considered a normal-quality texture nowadays. Even more of a difference with Elite textures. With the extreme manipulations needed to snip and stitch e.g. an average V3 texture into the Genesis or G2 UVMaps, there's going to be an unavoidable loss of image quality. They'll fit, if the converter can avoid visible seams, but I wouldn't bet too much on them looking as good as on the original figures. Remember how long it took to get a V4 converter that actually worked on the whole texture — there were so many major UVMap differences it was a non-trivial job to make everything match properly.

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