Drillhead for Tunneling Machine Mystery

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In 2003 I used Bryce 4 to make an image of a Victorian type "earth tunneling" machine. The spiraling "drillhead" for the machine I modeled in Ray Dream Studio, which later became Carrara.. But I can't remember how I made my drillhead. I must have made it using the Spline options, somehow.

Anyway, I attached a closeup of my 2003 Ray Dream drillhead, and if any of you can duplicate it, or even improve on it, I would be grateful for the help.

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  • DiomedeDiomede Posts: 9,599

    You could start it in the spline modeler using a preset in the geometry menu.

    you could also do it in the vertex modeler.  More than one way, but might try using a shape and a poly line.  

    Silly, but could also experiment with primitives and the black hole modifier.  


    I like the project.  Great images.

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    a threaded screw.  i was just trying to make 1 of those.  couldn't figure an easy way to do it.

    i'm battling a co worker right now against his cad s/w

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    a spline spiral on a cone

  • FlashGarciaFlashGarcia Posts: 438

    th3Digit   wrote, "a spline spiral on a cone"

    That may have been the way I did it many years ago, and then booleaned the two. So many things to recall and to learn. I will post some new tests soon. Frequent Walgreen caffeine tablets help.

  • MystarraMystarra Posts: 31,869

    i had him at add thickness, but lost at the screw thread.

    his lite cad cant export out as an obj.

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    It was in Bryce 4 that I made the Drillhead, using it's odd boolean method. I must have made the spiral in Ray Dream (Carrara) and then brought it into Bryce for booleaning with a cone.

    I did some brief  tests using Carrara and Hexagon to make the drill and it was a pain in the arse. Bryce does it quickly. So Bryce is still very useful for some tasks even though it has been kicked out into the cold, cruel, world.

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