DSON and Poser 2014 SR3.1 G3 Warps when posing

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Ok so after spending an entire day trying to get DSON to import G3 and G7 to Poser 2014, I finally succeeded! GOOD ON ME, RIGHT!? WRONG!

Upon trying to pose the imported G3 or G7 figure the mesh warps disgustingly!

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I have seached all over and can not find a reason or solution. I have followed every step in here:



Yet what is working nicely for this guy doesn't for me. What am I doing wrong?!

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    Genesis 3 is not officially supported in Poser - there is a workaround, which involves removing some features - is that the process you have ben applying?

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    That is a very old version of the Importer.  I have distortions in Genesis 2 (which is 'officially supported') with the current version of the importer, so I use the last public Beta version, ( which should be in your DAZ Product Library here (if you are signed in )...


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