28th Bryce Render Challenge ~#~ By Candle Light~#~



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    Chohole said:
    Hansmar said:
    Chohole said:


    Ah, what a pity. I need just a few months more to get my next entry ready crying

    So, please consider my 'possible' second entry as a real entry.

    A few months more?      lol


    OK, to be honest, I might be able to finalise something in a week or so, but not sure, whether that would work out. No need to reopen the contest; too late is too late. But, I'll show the result in the 'show us your renders' thread, when it is ready.

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    Hansmar said:

    Wonderful render, ed3D, Prrrrfect indeed.

    _thank you kindly_``~...

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    Now, I did quickly finalise it. Maybe, it could still be considered for the contest? If not, that's OK too.

    This is based on a still from the movie Metropolis, where Maria (the real Maria, since there is also a robot one, later in the film) is speaking to the workers in a cathedral like cave. I struggled immensly with creating the cave and the stairs on which she is standing. I made them in Hexagon; they are approximately the sixth or seventh attempt for each. Now, I am reasonably satisfied with them.

    In the end, you really have to look carefully to see the candles, but I hope the general picture is interesting. All the men are four variants of a low-poly man from Poser (P2, I think). Just like in the movie, they all wear the same clothes. Some I gave hair and others I kept bold. I slightly modified the simple skin colour for some too. Maria is made with Genesis. Clothing and hair are freebies. I created the cave and the crosses, but got a freebie candle, that I modified into a few slightly different ones. There are lights in the candle flames and a spherical light between Maria and the men too. No atmosphere, night sun (=moon; very low strenght).

    If you haven't seen the movie, it is worthwhile; would be great with live music in a theater. I have it on DVD, which is still very nice. It is very old-fashioned (from the 1920s), but still strong and at that time it was extremely modern (far too modern, for the liking of most).

    Title: Meeting at candlelight

    meeting at candlelight.jpg
    1200 x 875 - 745K
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    A story of telling for sure, Hansmar...if one wasn't aware of your description...intriguiging. Hope it's included at this late stage.


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    Wow awesome render, like Jay I hope it is included as the voting as not started yet.

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    I think we can include it.    I have seen no sign of Apoc for a while,  so will start putting the voting together myself today.

  • HoroHoro Posts: 9,718

    Hansmar - excellent cave, great scene, glad it makes it to the contest.

  • ed3Ded3D Posts: 1,844

    Hansmar - cool, looks like you're in_``~...

  • @ Hansmar: Fantastic scene. Good that it still comes in the contest, it has more than earned it.

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    Hansmar : very impressive render, well done.

  • Yellow PenYellow Pen Posts: 909

    Hansmar, beutiful render...

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    First off I would like to appologize. Had my cpu crash recently and had to reinstall a few programs, I had totally forgotten about the contest until today.

    If it is still possible, I can get a voting thread up within a few hours.

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    @danwhiteside... The Librarians is Outrageously excellent...

    @ed3d... Candle Light Dinner   very clever... nice image

    @hansmar... Meeting at Candlelight... Wonderful image and re-telling of the tale... glad it's in the running...

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    Apoc said:

    First off I would like to appologize. Had my cpu crash recently and had to reinstall a few programs, I had totally forgotten about the contest until today.

    If it is still possible, I can get a voting thread up within a few hours.

    I would be glad if you could Apoc.    One favour.  can you make a thread with the images in it here in the Bryce forum rather than have that part of the voting off site. 

    Working from Hansmar's image, as it just happens to be on this page, if you right click on the image you can copy the image location

    And then add that Url into this screen  and limit to 800 wide  

    I normally do 10 or 15 images in one post.

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    Jamahoney, mermaid, Horo, ed3D, drachenlords, adbc, Yellow Pen, mtnmen: Thanks, glad you like it.

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    mtnmen said:

    @ed3d... Candle Light Dinner   very clever... nice image

    _thank you very much_``~...

    _and Hansmar_you're Welcomes_``~...

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