Released: Carnomoloch [Commercial]


Carnomoloch (Flesh-Eating Demon) is a brutal creature-human hybrid that is fully rigged and includes a couple clothing items and human skull trophies.

A saliva attachment is included that gives a gnarly and realistic look to your renders that extra edge of detail. 8 poses are included to help get you started.

Carnomoloch was created using multiple UV maps for higher resolution detail on close up renders.

Go get eaten by him here!

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  • KarukiKaruki Posts: 317

    Omg wow, would love more variations, are there any morph packs planned? Expansions? This could easily be a whole race addition to my story!! Will be instant buying this!

  • fastbike1fastbike1 Posts: 2,684

    @Herschel Hoffmeyer

    Wow, your products just keep getting better and better! yes

  • Thanks guys for the compliments.

    Karuki said:

    are there any morph packs planned? Expansions?

    I was gplanning on investing quite a bit into this character with quite a few other clothing items and a few variations however I have a few projects in front of me that will have priority over that for now. At some point in the near future I would like to return to creating further content for this character, especially if it sells well.

  • AlmightyQUESTAlmightyQUEST Posts: 585
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    Just wanted to say I am also super excited for this. A game I play has demons similar in design to this. I'd also be interested in future add ons like clothes and horns, but understand that your scehdule and sales will affect this.

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  • AllenArtAllenArt Posts: 3,283

    Now you're speakin' my language!! :D


  • Woa that is one MEAN looking demon. Awesome work!

  • FSMCDesignsFSMCDesigns Posts: 6,237
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    Godzilla meets Predator on steroids! Nice job!

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  • Serene NightSerene Night Posts: 13,324

    Details are amazing and love the skin. You managed to do a great job there and it looks great without being repetitive like so many monster skins

  • IceDragonArtIceDragonArt Posts: 11,798

    Holy wow!

  • Griffin AvidGriffin Avid Posts: 2,741

    IS this any kind of generation, like does it take poses?

  • SaiyanessSaiyaness Posts: 686

    Holy crap, the detail is amazing *___*

  • alexhcowleyalexhcowley Posts: 1,542
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    The best monster I've seen since your hydra.You're rapidly becoming the Alessandro Mastronardi of the Huge Evil Monster.  It will look great dying at the hands of my ladies.



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  • Thank you for all the wonderful compliments.


    IS this any kind of generation, like does it take poses?

    It comes with a handful of poses but does not take human poses.

  • dragotxdragotx Posts: 843

    Oh good lord.  I thought he looked good when I was just using my phone to browse the site.  On my main computer though, holy hell, he's perfect!  He's going to be awesome for fantasy, horror, and sci-fi stuff!  Can't wait to get my hands on him.

  • maraichmaraich Posts: 356

    This may seem like a  trivial thing, but I appreciate so much the saliva prop! That really adds a lot to the product for me.

    Now, if you could just work on a beholder ...

  • tkdroberttkdrobert Posts: 1,791

    Wow that's pretty cool looking. And I agree with maraich about the saliva prop.

  • jardinejardine Posts: 621
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    really, really

    i love the thickness of its hide, and the heavier bone-armor-looking plates here and there.

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  • Really amazing
  • RKane_1RKane_1 Posts: 2,510

    I think I just found my Killer Croc character for my Batman renders. :)

  • AntManAntMan Posts: 1,706
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    Man this is really great looking I will be picking this up fro sure!

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  • SnowSultanSnowSultan Posts: 2,010

    You really are what all vendors should strive to be.

  • Thank you for all the compliments. Looks like a tentative release will be the 8th.

  • AllenArtAllenArt Posts: 3,283
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    Thank you for all the compliments. Looks like a tentative release will be the 8th.

    I'm there ;)

    Between you and Josh Crockett I'll be monster-poor for the foreseeable future. LOL

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  • maraichmaraich Posts: 356
    Nice, I have been holding aside funds during MM just for this critter.
  • alexhcowleyalexhcowley Posts: 1,542
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    Arch mage Serena is currently warming up her most lethal thunderbolt and firestorm spells even as I type.  I give your monster about five minutes, tops, before it is spattered all over the landscape in small, crispy chunks.



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  • pdspds Posts: 495 I’m not sure what blows me away more, the sculpt or the exquisite textures. I respect how you continue to innovate while incorporating customer feedback/input with each new product. Instant buy for me too!

  • RbugRbug Posts: 68

    Very very cool. Sort of looks like what one of your Trex's would look like if it did not go extinct. I have seen some of your other works and they are also very cool.....Can I have a Triceratops please  smiley

  • sadesade Posts: 81

    if its not too late, i m gladly would do a texture xp for it <3

  • FSMCDesignsFSMCDesigns Posts: 6,237


    While this guy looks wicked, I would love to purchase that background environment. Is that something you made or from a set?

  • tkdroberttkdrobert Posts: 1,791


    While this guy looks wicked, I would love to purchase that background environment. Is that something you made or from a set?

    That maybe IRAY Worlds or a pruduct I have, the Jungle Construction Kit.

    feature image

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