DSON Not Working

So I installed DSON but it doesn't say it is installed and it doesn't show up when I'm in Poser.


  • The DSON Importer does depend on the correct path being set - if you right-click on its entry in DIM, select Show Installed files, and click on the base path at the top does it go to the Poser application folder?

  • WandWWandW Posts: 2,363

    Where is it not showing up in Poser?  If it is installed, there should be a folder called DSON Support in the Scripts menu.  Otherwise, it functions transparently if your DAZ content is installed to a folder in the Poser Library.

    PS; make sure you grab the Late D3D's DSON loader script, which can load many DSON items that do not include Poser Companion Files...


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