How the heck do I apply textures?

Complete newbee question here -- I'm in the loading/creating tab, and I bring a standard Daz Genesis 2 male, and then go to the content library and then to clothing and apply several parts (pants, shirt, vest, shoes) and all is well.  They fit and are parented to that figure.  But they are all gray, and I want textures.  I see there is a sub folder in the clothing directory that has Materials and those are what I want, but nothing I do applies them -- I can't drag the duf files over, double click them, whatever, nothing happens to the clothing.

I'm sure it's just something I'm doing wrong, but can someone tell me how to apply materials to the clothing I have on the character?


  • BeeMKayBeeMKay Posts: 6,585

    Go to the scene file. Select the clothing you want to apply the texture on. Apply the texture.

    If you don't see the clothing in the scene tab, select the character in the scene tab and click on the small triangle in front of it, to unfold the bone structure. You should be able to see the clothing then.

  • Thanks, I knew it was something stupid I was doing (or not doing).  It does seem a bit odd to jump back and forth between the tabs for content and scene to put materials on each item, but I can do that.

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