Impressed with store content management system

I recently obtained the Dark Ops Bundle, and some of the contents were items I had long ago picked up separately.  The store system only put into my account the products from the Bundle which I did not have.  That reduces confusion regarding my installed content. Thumbs up. 


  • Griffin AvidGriffin Avid Posts: 2,796

    Did you check to see that the bundle still cost less than those few "new" items separately?

    Sometimes I own so many items from the bundle, that the bundle offers no saving at all.

    I already own the HD Spider from today, so I'm looking at skins and poses.

    To see what's the best deal.

  • yup - it was a freebie !

  • Peter WadePeter Wade Posts: 1,113

    I picked up the Dark Ops bundle freebie as well. The items I already had are still there in my account but they are still sorted by their original purchase date so they don't go to the top when I list by recent first. There's some good stuff in the bundle. I had to adjust the scene a bit, I think it was designed for an earlier version of Studio, but with a bit of work it renders nicely.

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