DAZ content management stopping evey now and them



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    Then there's something fundamentally corrupt with your database.

    Close DS.
    Make sure the database service is stopped.
    MOVE everything in the databases folder to a backup location.
    Start the CMS service.
    Wait 1 minute.
    Start DAZ Studio.
    After DS has started go to the Content Library tab.
    Click the context menu at the top, select "Content DB Maintenance"
    Make sure the "Re-import Metadata" check box is checked.
    Click Accept.
    Wait until complete.
    Check categories under Default and make sure it's populated.

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    Just in case, did you check the log file of the cms in the vlogs folder? Does it contains an error message?

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    Did all that its not populated. Also CMS has stopped in services
    where is vlogs folder

    Also do i need to delete everythin in databse folder?

    Categories default is populated now. But my old categories aint there

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    Yes, the databases folder needs to be empty before you restart the service. That's why I said move not copy. :)

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    how do i get my old categories

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    Your database was irrevocably corrupt.

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