new dForce garments: Casual Gym for G2F

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Updated 12/23/2017: Version 2 of the distribution now has correct metadata.

This wardrobe set contains a pair of dForce-friendly items suitable for casual lounging or an afternoon at the gym: firstly, a t-shirt which can display arbitrary artwork and messages with minimal distortion on female characters and, secondly, a pair of gym shorts that are loose enough to allow free movement without chafing. They have been tested to work well with a wide variety of character shapes -- with adequate results from auto-follow, and very good results using dForce.

Full-body morphs are included for V6, Olympia6, and "androgynous" morph. Other shapes tend to work through auto-fit and dForce, except for those with excessively large breasts (for which auto-fit always tends to produce binding effects). For those shapes which don't work well, and for great results in general, I recommend the timeline workflow detailed in

This package can be freely used for personal and commercial renders, but may not be redistributed without permission. Though not required, I would be grateful if you acknowledged the source and would love to hear from you here or at [email protected] to hear about your experiences with the outfits. (If you like them, great! If you have problems or suggestions, I'd be even more interested to hear from you.)

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    Very nice work, Mephoria. and thanks.

    Here's a quick render. After fitting the clothes to G2F, there was some poke through, which I roughly adjusted with the morphs in the clothes, then used the basic dForce settings, and here's the result:


    800 x 800 - 389K
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    Thank you very nice


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    Also fits G3, and here, G8 (Olympia 8), using auto-fit.


    800 x 800 - 212K
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    Thanks, @dragonfly_2004 for showing off your renders. I particularly like the Zen pose!


  • Thanks, Mephora. When I come across a talented artist like you, I try and let people know. And, BTW, I used stock poses; these are not mine smiley

    Regards, Frank.

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    Thank you very much for this! 

  • SaphirewildSaphirewild Posts: 5,704

    Thank you so much for this great outfit and it is good to know it does fit other models!!

  • I will give it a try.  Thanks Mephoria!!

  • Thank you!

  • This is really great! Thank you :)

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    I've updated the original post with a new ZIP distribution. This provides version 2, which has correct metadata.

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    used the shorts on this clip

    thank you



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    Hi Mephoria, I downloaded this super outfit, thank you.

    I was wondering if someone could help me put my own picture on the shirt.

    I open the LIE but then I do not know how to use it and transfer the desired image form my desktop to the shirt.

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