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I have never been able to draw say 3 different LINE OBJECT and then to be able to join them together!!!! I know how to draw one LINE object THEN begin at the ned or start point and continue to draw, BUT once you have drawn a line object then another how do you join the POINTS you wish to connect of the 2 or 3 line objects?


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    Two ways -
    1. After you've drawn one and you star another, you get the option to connect to the end or beginning of the last selected, then you select that line and start a third - sometimes it will give you that option again, sometimes not. If you don't get the option, abort, collapse DG and try again - this time you should get the option.

    2. Another method is to make sure that the points are in the same spot in 3d space - either by bringing your mouse pointer close to a point on one line and holding down shift to snap it in place, or by copy/paste the position of one point onto the position of another. Select both lines and weld - you may have to select the points and do a" weld points".

    You can also close the line by hitting "close curve"

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