Tyler Hair Is Visible In Preview But Won't Render In Poser

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The hair in question is this one: https://www.daz3d.com/tyler-hair-for-genesis-2-3-male-s and the Poser versions I have tried it in are PoserPro 2014 and Poser 11. Yes, I made absolutely certain I was loading the Genesis 2 version which does come with official Poser Companion Files. In the preview window I can load it, conform it, adjust the morphs, change the colors, etc. Then I hit render and poof! The hair which looked so perfect on my Genesis 2 has disappeared. No, it did not move off his head, that was the first thing I checked. Next, was it visible to the camera and in Raytracing? Yes, all checkboxes saying "visible" are ticked. That leaves the materials.

I know very well Poser can't use Daz Studio Iray settings but this hair comes with 3Delight materials, which ought to be what the DSON importer is bringing in whenever I load a color preset. Anyway, I go to the material room and have a poke around but nothing seems out of place so then it's check the render settings. Tried a few of my favorite presets for Firefly but no go. Same with Superfly in Poser 11, this hair will not render at all no matter how visible -- and good looking -- it appears in the preview window. Everything else in the scene renders fine, just not the Tyler hair. 


Delete and reloading gives me the same ridiculous result so being fed up, I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Just the Genesis 2 version and Poser Companion file, I left the G3 version out so as to avoid any possible chance of a mix-up. Then I loaded up a fresh Genesis 2 guy, reloaded the hair, got it looking the way I wanted it in preview, saved and hit Render. Guess what? Yep, it still vanishes. There is apparently no way I can render this hair, at least not in Poser. But I am using the Poser files that came with it, so what is going wrong? My drivers are all up to date, so I don't think that's the problem. 

Oh and it does work just dandy in Daz Studio by the way. Adding to the injury, even loading the materials via the Poser companion script method works in Daz. But not in Poser, where the darned things are supposed to. 

Can somebody help me figure this out, please? Hopefully before I end up pulling all of my own hair out in frustration, because it's driving me round the bend!   




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    I just tried loading it as is and it renders .  What material settings are you using?

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    This is what the hair loads with. I made no changes at all. It shows up in the preview window just fine but absolutely will not render. Maybe I got a broken copy. 

    Screenshot 2017-08-06 10.26.50.png
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  • Are you rendering directly in Poser or using the queue to render externally? I seem to recall the latter can have issues when the former doesn't, though not the details.

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    Direct Poser render, I have no use or need for the queue. This has never happened before, that a prop or figure would show up but not render. My first time using this hair, btw. I bought it back in December but never installed until now. Since it's a Genesis item, I let DIM download it and yes, I checked that the files were put where they should have been for use in Poser.

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    Interesting; mine is different, although I don't see anything obvious that would make it invisible; the different diffuse colour makes no difference.  I too installed it via DIM.  This is in the Poser Pro 11 Mat Room, but it looks and renders the same in Poser Pro 2014...


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    Won't render for me in Poser 11 either.  :-(   I tried fiddling around with the settings just to see if there was any effect but while the preview window showed the changes, it remained invisible to both Firefly and Superfly. Changing the camera doesn't help either. This is totally bizarre.

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    Finally got it to render. Out of desperation I changed the skinning method on both the hair and G2M from Poser Traditional to Poser Unimesh. Hit the render button and prayed. It works! 

    Now the question is, why would I need to that with this particular hair when others by the same PA load & render just fine, no need to fiddle with skinning & subdivision at all. I mean, I'm happy I can render it now, but will it stay renderable or is this "fix" just a fluke?

  • Sorry, I am a bit slow... after 5 years I really want to ask:

    G2M from Poser Traditional to Poser Unimesh - where is it? I have got Poser 2014 and my hair disappears while rendering too! These are hair props created in Poser Hair room and used on another copy of the same figure.

    Thank you in advance if you hera me in 2017.

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