converting geograft to regular conforming item inside DS?

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converting geograft to regular conforming item from DS menus?

i've been doing it manually by editing the dsf file in text editor.

surely there is an easier way inside DS?

any tips appreciated, thanks!


  • Not that I know. You can change the AutoHide group to a single polygon, but it's still a GeoGraft

  • MistaraMistara Posts: 38,675

    okay, thanks!

    been trying to figure this out last 3 months 

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    Okay, there's some clothing I've gotten that appears to be Geograft based on behavior, and I have managed to un-geograft it.

    Load in two copies of the item you're trying to de-geograft.

    With one of them, convert figure to Prop (it's on the Scene tab options drop-down, under Geometry)

    Parent the prop to the other copy

    Now convert Prop to Figure, and select inherit skeleton from parent.

    Now re-name your item and save it somewhere else.

    I've done this all of twice, so I might be missing a reason why you wouldn't want to do this, but it has resulted in being able to, for example, turn off sleeve textures on a geo-grafted top so I could make it short sleeved.

    Also in both cases where I've done this, the clothing item had no apreciable morphs.  If they do, there's probably a few steps with morph transfer you'll want to add in there.

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    thanks smiley  oh the agony of it all.


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