Why selection tool and weight brush thorough out opositte side?

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    For Polygon selection there is this thread Polygon selection in Geometry Editor the answer is use the Hidden Line preview mode in Viewport.

    For Node Weigth Map Brush Tool painting Weight Map with a Polygon Selection of the area you want to paint and use the Respect Selection option in Tool Settings is always a good idea.

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    824 x 752 - 60K
    618 x 494 - 38K
    760 x 677 - 65K
    693 x 625 - 87K
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    Now I see - pictures say more than words.wink

    I was hoping Hidden Line will let you select only front faces - I tested it a moment ago - but yes you are right it dosnt help.

    DAZ should definitely add a project through ON OFF switch for Lasso and Marque selection mode and maybe also for drag selection because for now it looks like a poor function or a bug.

    I also got problems with the DazStudio polygon selection in the Geometry Editor it is simply not that easy to use.

    As a workaround I use Blender to create polygon face groups if it gets to difficult in DS

    If I have to create polygon face groups I use Blender because I can make more pecise selections and even use the UV-Image-Editor to do selections on that view.

    But you have to be careful because in blender a polygon can be assigned in more than one group. Also there is or was a bug in v2.77 with the group assignment that seems to add or remove one more polygon loop than it should - so I hit the assign button then Ctrl+I to invert selection and hit remove again to have the right polygon selection saved to the group.

    Back in DS you can import the OBJ-geometry file and use the Transfer Tool to update the face groups of the figure / prop in the scene that also is of the same shape. Or maybe it should be an update for the material surfaces - then first use the imported geometry and copy paste the face groups to surfaces on that one and use the transfer tool with only surfaces checked to transfer it over. I used this method once or twice and it worked for me.

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    Lasso and marque will select backfaces but poloygon selection (left click mouse button on desired poly), will select that poly only. (click and drag) and / or control click over desired poly/s, will only select those polys that you dragged over and / or, control clicked on.

    I know this is a whole year later but eventually I had something to contribute......YEAH!

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