MMD Importer for DAZ Studio not working.

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I did everything like in this video. I tried installing both with manual copypasta and install manager.

The problem might be in the fact that I have Daz client on C: and content/runtime on portable hard drive due to lack of space.

Is there a work around this or do I have to have everything on partition in order to get it to work?

Or maybe it's because it's japanese script that require something else entirely?

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  • TryhardTryhard Posts: 165

    Problem solved. Turns out I didnt had Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable. Please close the thread.

  • Could you send MMD Importer for DAZ Studio file to me?

    I don't find the link on internet.


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    Could you send MMD Importer for DAZ Studio file to me?

    I don't find the link on internet.


    Unless the readme allows redistribution no, that isn't permitted.

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    I know this is very old thread but I have the original file and get people asking how I import the MMD models I use. In case anyone Googles it and ends up here the author, bouyke, has pulled the file and it cannot be redistributed. Finally got around to translating the ReadMe from Japanese.

    ■ Terms of use
    · Please use it freely regardless of profit or non-profit. There is no need for reports or rights notation.
    · Although it seems to be bad, please follow the rules of the model itself for the imported model.
    · Redistribution is prohibited in principle. If you really want to do it, please contact the author with a reason. If you feel that there is legitimacy it may be permitted.
    · We are not responsible for secondary damage caused by using this plug-in. Please use it at your own risk to the last.

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    I actually have it too for that matter but never use it

    if you can get them into FBX format via another program such as Blender it is usually better just to go via PoserPro 11 and save as a cr2

    Poser is frequently on sale I only paid $50 for it

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    You can contact for permission - that is if you absolutely need it.

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