Where do I tell DIM to install files in Poser?

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I recently picked up Poser but don't know where to point Dim to install them correctly to Poser....

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    If you go into the applications tab in DIM settings and click on the + button at the bottom left you can add applications. Select Poser and set the path.

    I don't use DIM for Poser content. Current verions of Poser have a runtime in the program directory but install most stuff into another runtime in the Documents directory, and you can create other runtimes if you want to. I assume that DIM will install into whatever path you select but I haven't tried this. You should select the directory that contains the Runtime directory.

    You can also let DIM install Poser content into your Daz Library and add the Daz Library to Poser as an external runtime.

    P.S. I found that DIM would only install the DSON importer for Poser if I told it I was using Pro 2014 and not Poser 11.

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    Thanks!  I I wasn't sure which directory to select when it asked.  I did manage to get my Daz library into poser (mostly by accident lol) but if I can get Dim to install it directly to the correct Poser runtime then that is what I prefer to do.  There are some things like Terra Dome 2 that won't work in Studio and I don't need to clutter up my already far too large Studio library.

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