(solved!) How to make partial Head morph from Full Body morph for genesis?

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Hi,, :down:I am trying to make partial Head morph for my full body morph by Hexagon, by reading
Creating Head Split Morphs tutorila of document center,,

then I can understand how to make FBM, and I had made it for genesis,
but when I try to make pirtial head morph of the character in hexagon,
it can not merge or copy head part,, so is there any good way to make only spilit head morph from FBM
in hexagon?:roll:

1) I import my characer obj with my FBM and, base genesis obj.
(non Subdivision, and use hexagon bridge twice,,)

2) I remove only head parts of "base genesis".

3) delete body parts of my characer ande keep Head parts only.

now I have two obj.

a My character head part.
b genesis base body part.

in hexagon I use weld then make two obj one,,

then connect points by target wled (or weld points,,)

then I exprot it as new FHMmychara obj.

I could import the FHMmychara.obj by morph loader pro.
so the vertex cownt seems to keep the original value,,^^;
but,,, when I trun the parameter of new morph,
genesis exproded,,,

I think I can not use weld or weld points for making morph,,
but without these tool, how can I connect body and head of two genesis?

in tutorial,,

Sep 2: Model the Blend

In the modeler, the neck is used as a blend or transition area between the head and the body. Due to the wide variety of modeling apps that are out there, this task will be accomplished differently, depending on what type of modeling tools are available to the artist, so this will not be covered in this tutorial.

but,, I can not accomplish this taxk ><;</p>

please tell me the way how to weld body and head without changing vertex order etc,,

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    The tut you linked to is one in a series of advanced methods. It refers to a Goblin head, but I don't see where that comes from and how it was done.

    The very basic, Rule Number One of creating morphs is that you can only re-arrange vertices. You cannot cut, delete or add to. Cutting off a head and sticking another one on would break this rule - if I could find what this Goblin head is and how it was done, I'd be able to see how they managed to do this and still be within the morphing rule.

    One thing I notice is that the tut mentions exporting Genesis as an .obj and using Morph Loader to load it back. The bridge is not mentioned - very important, that - you can't use a combination of importing and the bridge - which you seem to be doing.

    If you do as you have explained, you would have to make a new character. Simple enough in Daz Studio 4.5, although you would loose all morphs, UV mapping and therefore textures.

    A simpler method would be to make three renders of the new head you have made - front, side, top.

    Load Genesis in Studio, set the full body morph you have made and send to Hexagon via the bridge. Load the renders into the appropriate background grid and re-model the head to match the reference images, without cutting, deleting or adding verts.

    Send the model back to Studio and save the morph.

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    I did other tutorial already, (I thank much about these three tutorials about morphs,, I could make my like character,
    by them)

    and today I just check this tutorial,,
    because I made FBM character first,, in this time,, so I did not made partial face morph
    (usually, I made both,,first make only face morph, then apply body parts, but,, thistime I forgot it perfectly ^^;)

    yes,,, I know ordinally I can not change vertex count or number, jI can ust move and rearrange vertices
    without cut or merge for genesis morphs,

    but I think if there is a way keep group and separate them, then customiize, after
    join them one group,,^^;

    if I export my obj with the recommend setting of tutorial from ds to hexagon,
    in hexagon the obj must be separated by node (face? ) group .
    when I move the node all poligons of the gorup separated free. they are not welded @@;

    (so I use hexagon bridge usually about making morph for genesis,,)
    then save as obj in hexagon if I need.)

    then if the setting of the tutroial can work about usuall FBM in hexagon, when I just exchange poigons of same node group of
    two genesis,,, (head and neck which keep same group and vertex number,, I thought ^^; )...

    and yes,, I may need to make manually tweaking for face morph,,(with picture,, or photo,,)
    but I think face morph is need pefectly same of the character FBM
    so,, I want to know the way,, not manually copy,, about this time . because I have alrady made my FBM,
    and I like her looks much ^^; I think I can not make same face with manual tweaking only ,,,

    why I did not keep face morph ,,,,

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    I checked setting about export obj from DS, and understand,,

    if I export obj with the setting of tutorial from ds,
    we must need to check "weld option" when import the obj to hexagon.

    I try make easy morph just scale up some vertices of R_thin, then export to ds
    with many setting option.

    if the obj remain separate group in hexagon, the morph can not be loaded correctly.

    when I use weld option , to import the obj in hexagon, it can work. but
    it is same as just use hexagon bridge,, ^^;

    they are welded perfectly so that I can not exchange the poligons of same group
    (of course just cut and merge will not work,,)

    so I think, if there is any good tool for remaining groups with tutorial export setting,
    and exchange only poligon of same head groups of two genesis, then weld vertices,,
    making FHM in another 3dmodelor ??

    If use blender I can ? or need another expensive 3D modelor @@;? or never,,, ?
    just make manually FHM obj is only way?

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    OK - I think I understand what you want to do - transfer a morphed head from one Genesis figure to another Genesis figure that you have already done full body morphs on?

    Theoretically, this should work - I've never heard of it being done, nor tried it, but it could work. The vertex count and winding will stay the same, so it should be recognized as a morph.

    Export the figure with the morphed head out of Studio as an .obj, with the morph set - don't weld.

    Export your morphed figure out of Studio as an .obj, with the morph set - don't weld.

    Import them both into Hexagon - they should both occupy the same space. Delete all the groups of the figure (except the head) with the head you want to keep. Also delete all the shading domains and materials of that figure, except the head.

    Delete the head, shading domains and materials of your morphed figure.

    You will then have one figure and one head and need to match the verts of the head to the verts of the neck. You can do this by copy/paste the X,Y,Z coordinates of each vert to the matching one - either neck-to-head or visa-versa. DO NOT WELD!

    Export as .obj with a new name - make sure that "Remove duplicate points" and "Merge groups" is NOT checked in the export settings. Import to Studio using Morph Loader, with your morphed figure in the scene.

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    Yes,Yes,Yes,,, that is waht I suppose and if I can do,,,:coolsmile:
    and appreciate your help much .:)

    I want spilit only head parts shape from Full Body morph that I have made for genesis.
    then make head morph.

    the tutorial titlle is "spilit head morph" , so I suppose if I can.

    then I read your plan, I think almost same step I have tryied first,, ^^;
    but if there seems something I missed about option,,,

    option is important!!

    so I try again,, if I can do it,, I reply here. thank you much^^l

    some products released as Full Body morph only ,
    so If I can do it about my FBM, maybe I can get head morph from the products FBM too!!

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    After doing some experiments, it seems that it is not possible - at least in Hexagon - to do what you want to.

    The problem is that Genesis needs to stay as a unimesh to be able to work with Morph Loader and Hexagon reads the groups as separate meshes. To be able to do what you want, you would have to cut off one head and replace it with another, which would mess up the vertex order.

    I have tried bone welds on export from Studio, as well as merging groups on import to Hex - Morph Loader would not accept any of this - says the geometries do not match. The vertex count is the same, so Hex must be changing the vertex order.

    I did manage to get a Genesis morph to work through Morph Loader by first running the exported .obj through Sculptris, which kept it as unimesh. I used that to make a morph and it works perfectly.

    Is it not possible in Studio to load your morphed body and add the head morphs?

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    Now,, I think the only way is just copy genesis head and neck group poligon and replace in dsf or obj morph file,, ^^;

    when I check morph obj files (which I made for FBM) , I can not grab well where is the face and neck group,,,,

    the group seems be scattered ,,,

    so next I wiil try check dsf morph files ,, :roll:

    next ds 4,5,,,

    I hope I can export each face group parts of genesis, and after reshpe , import the obj to ds,
    make morph for each group shape,(though it is finally saved as unimesh obj) in next verision ds,,

    or zero shape by each group of poligons (reset to base genesis shape)


    yeah! :) I got it,,

    it is not so simple and easy,, but just tweak obj files directly,
    first I need serch vertex line where the FHM part for my morph in code.

    so I made strange morph for genesis which only head and neck parts vertexs y translation to 20, in hexagon,
    then export it as obj file.( I check it work well in ds 4.5, but it never be used,,^^;)

    then by text editor, check the strange obj code .
    and serch the line of vertex positon with 200 y degree (because I export ten times the obj from hexagon,,)

    then describe the code line numbert,,

    after that just overwride the x y z code of the line from my FBM.

    I have only simple editor,, so I need carefully serching,,
    but it is more easy for me, to manually copy the head shape from FBM.;-)
    I discribed the line number for future usage.
    if line number for each parts of genesis obj , we can use it for another parts morph I think!!

    (but it is so ,,, tidy work for me,, anyway,, I got it!):coolhmm:

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    Well done - I know nothing about coding, so won't even begin to try :)

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