Cloning geometry from one node to another

shoei321shoei321 Posts: 112

I have a custom node that I want to add geometry to programatically.    I have another node in the scene that I want to copy geometry from (this node was imported from an OBJ).    I've tried this :


        DzObject* o = geomNode->getObject();
        DzObject* no = new DzObject();

        DzFacetShape* fs = (DzFacetShape*) o->getCurrentShape();
        DzFacetShape* newFs = new DzFacetShape();

        DzFacetMesh* mesh = (DzFacetMesh*) fs->getGeometry();
        DzFacetMesh* newMesh = new DzFacetMesh();
        newMesh->copyFrom(mesh, true, true);




The bounding box for the new custom node grows but the new geometry doesn't show up.    Can someone tell me how this is best done?




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  • rbtwhizrbtwhiz Posts: 1,830

    Do you want to change ownership of the geometry from a donor (i.e., the imported OBJ) or do you want an actual copy of the geometry?


  • shoei321shoei321 Posts: 112

    Hey Rob, ideally I'd like to copy the geometry from another node, including materials/surfaces/etc if possible.  




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