V4.2 and M4 in Poser 11

OK, just installed Poser 11 and I'd like to know just where I need to install V4.2 and her morphs and Creature Creator stuff, along with the same for M4 ?. I know in earlier versions of Poser, they had to be installed in the base runtime folders, not in seperate external runtimes - is it still the same in Poser 11 ?


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    In recent versions of Poser you can install them to any Runtime you want. Just put all the Exp morphs packs in the same Runtime as the base figure.

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    You should ony install python scripts and add-ons such as Reality to the Poser Program folder's runtime; it's not even part of the Library.


    Make sure you initialize M4 and V4 after installing them if you are not installing them via DIM....

  • I don't think you really answered the question Wand.   

    To original OP did you find the answer?  I'm trying to get them in Poser 11 right now.

  • I have everything set up in an external runtimes for P11. The only thing I had to due was click on "Add Library" for each seperate folder, but it's all there in the P11 library.

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    I've always installed them in my default DAZ location, so I can use them for both programs easily, then added the external runtime in Poser. Never had a problem.

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