New File formats, confused and bewildered

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So now that Poser support has been added for Genesis, I am seeing a bewildering range of file download options in my available downloads

I am running Daz Studio Pro, which files should I download to install my content, as we now have DSON files, Genesis legacy files, poser companion files, etc,etc etc..

I am only interested in installing the Daz Studio specific files for Genesis related content.




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    If you are using DAZ Studio 4.5, you’ll want “DSON Core”...
    If your are using an earlier version of DAZ Studio, one that doesn’t support the DSON format, you’ll want “Legacy”...
    If you are using Poser 9/Pro 2012 with SR3 applied and the DSON Importer, you’ll want the “DSON Core” AND the “Poser Companion”...
    If you are using an earlier version of Poser, you do not have [and you do not intended to have] SR3 or the DSON Importer installed, you’ll want “Legacy”...

    So - in your case you want the DSON core files.

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    Thanks muchly Kerya.



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    Not all files have the DSON Core, only legacy files, or trx or just exe...will they all still work in Daz 4.5? I haven't installed any new content yet ( just purchased alot!!) as I am getting a new system, so doing a fresh install of everything. I am not sure how V5, M5 etc work with Genesis and how to use older models with Genesis also. Will resetting all the files and redownloading assure updated products?


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    4.5 will read the older formats for DS and, to the extent that the features are supported, Poser. For DS users the only think to note is that the core files are DS4.5 compatible, and useful though not essential for use in that version. Those with an older version won't get a cue from the file names of products that haven't had Poser companion files added - they will need to check the product page, particularly the What's Included list, to deduce compatibility I'm afraid.

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    hello everyone,

    Just came back on the new site to get Michael and Hiro but I'm a bit confused with all these downloads.

    If I want to use the settings in DS and Poser, which ones should I take?

    Also, is there an option like on the old site to choose your environment (MAC or PC?)

    Many thanks,


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    Legacy files are for older versions of DS, DS 4 down
    Dson Core are for DS 4.5 and Poser
    Poser companion files are for Poser.

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