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I'm trying to update some old 3.x code to 4.5, and I see that DzPolyMesh has been replaced with
DzFacetMesh. And it looks like DzFacet is limited to triangles and quads.

Are polys supported anymore? If so, where does that come from now?

 // Old 3.x code
 int numTris  = ((DzPolyMesh*)geom)->getNumTris();
 int numQuads = ((DzPolyMesh*)geom)->getNumQuads();
 int numPolys = ((DzPolyMesh*)geom)->getNumPolys();

 // 4.5 code
 int numTris=0;
 int numQuads=0;
 int numPolys=0; // ??

 DzFacetMesh *dzMesh = qobject_cast(geom);
 if(dzMesh) {
    for(int i=0; i < dzMesh->getNumFacets(); i++) {
       DzFacet face = dzMesh->getFacet(i);
       if(face.isTri()) numTris++;
       if(face.isQuad()) numQuads++;

This is for the C++ SDK.


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    ngons (polygons with > 4 sides) are no longer supported. Geometry importers are responsible for handling ngons. Those provided by DAZ 3D should already triangulate any ngons they encounter during import.


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    Thanks. Got it working. :)

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