Extending DzNode

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I have found out that for my plugin I need to detect wether a DzNode (in particular a DzSkeleteon) has finished editing. I have solved the problem by extending the DzNode class and adding a new signal into it that gets emitted when finishedEdit() is called.

My question now is how can I use my extended class in the plugin since I need that my override is called by every DzNode in the scene. I hope that I have explained my problem correctly.


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    What you are attempting is not going to work. There is no mechanism to replace all skeletons with your node sub class. Depending on what you are trying to do however there are other signals to listen for: "drawnDataChanged()", and "transformChanged()" on DzNode. "drawnDataChanged()", "cachedGeomUpdated()" on object also.

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    cachedGeomUpdated()? I have looked for it in the docs but it is not there. Autocompletion shows it by the way.

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