Free Expressions for G3F, G3M, and Victoria 7

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Seven free expressions - tested and works for G3F, G3M, and Victoria 7. 


The expressions can be downloaded below as I've included the zip as an attachment. 

* V7 Expression - Distaste
* V7 Expression - Fierce
* V7 Expression - Intent
* V7 Expression - Scared
* V7 Expression - Shout
* V7 Expression - Sly
* V7 Expression - Suprised

After installing, the content should be found under My Library > Presets > Poses.

This is my first time creating and sharing content, so if there is anything wrong with it let me know and I'll try to fix it. I've never shared content before so I could be doing it all wrong. lol If you download it please let me know if you had any trouble. :)

Diva Expressions for G3F G3M and
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