pinning and locking help please

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Well I almost have my animations down pat, I know how to use puppeteer and have made a few basic animations.
My problem is, im trying to have my character stand basically still and just move his hips like Elvis. I pinned his feet and hands to his guitar and his chest. When i pull his hip to animate him, his hands and feet still slide out of position. I tried locking selected node but that didnt seems t work either.

Can someone help me please? Am I missing a step or just doing it wrong?

any help is appreciated!


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    HI daytonablu :)

    Pinning will only restrict the movement of the Pinned objects within the limit's of the figure's skeletal structure.
    if you lower the Hip slightly, then animate it, you'll be able to move / rotate the hip until either one of the legs is fully extended and would naturally be stressed / pulled up off of the floor.

    Hope it helps :)

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    Are you sure the pose you want is possible? It's very easy to pin the feet into a position where they really do have to give (at least, it is for me - I admit I don't get on with IK at the best of times). Which tool are you using - Active Pose or the Universal manipulator?

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    This is the link I used to post on the previous forums for this type of question:

    Unfortunately the images are gone, but the YouTubes might help.

    I use a combination of ActivePose and IK - I have set up shortcut keys under Edit Menu > Customize, so that it's much easier to switch between the two. IK's pinning is very soft, whereas ActivePose's pinning is great, but is like posing in a bucket of jelly. And you can't use the rotate tool while using ActivePose.

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