how to cut a surface along edges

This seems like a very elementary thing to do. I've searched now for a couple of hours in vain using google and searching these forums. (What a lousy search feature these forums have!  Apparently one cannot even restrict the search to a single forum such as the hexagon discussion.)  I have a tubular helix -- a coil of rope -- that I want to divide into two half coils.  Please see the attached image. It shows the cut edges in blue. I cannot find anyway to do this.  I can see how to weld points but not how to do the opposite, disconnect them. I know I can remove faces but I do not want to remove any faces.  I simply want to cut the coil as if with a knife. If you know how to do this, I'd really appreciate knowing about it.  Thanks!

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    Select half faces of the coil (whole half, not just the edge) and do cut / paste (ctrl+x, ctrl+v).


    Edited to add, theres a Dissociate tool for splitting points in Vertex modeling menu (fifth icon from the right). But that wouldnt make 2 separate objects, it would simply be the same object with separated points along the selected edge.     

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    As Ben said but I would like to add that you might find it usefull to use the transparency option (the little cube - bottom right hand side) then you will be able to cut both ends at once.

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  • Thank you, Ben and John. That worked! I've attached a picture of it.

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