Second Life Sculpties out of Hex, are they working?

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Hi I recently decided to take a spin thru Second Life..
& accidently ran into bunches of friends ....

So now all of a sudden I want to make sculpties! hehe

are they working in MAC

exporting an unedited Sculpty Cube I get the .tga ok
BUT it no worky (like the file it writes is incomplete or something)
and trying to re-import the tga (as I would swear I did in a Hex version ago) just hangs the app.

the .tga's I export wont open in SL or in any graphics app so I am thinking my hex just isnt exporting the uneditedSculpty correctly?
when was released...
in the back of my mind I think there was something about them being made functional again in the next version or something?
but I can't remember what the status/deal is with them....

I Love to work in Hex & before I get too many ideas bubbling I am just wondering if the sculpties are working for others ...or my problem is Localized


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    Did you get a response/solution to this? I'm having the exact same problem. On a Mac ... same Hexagon version. Please post if you found an answer! Thanks.

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    Not yet I'm doing some investigating Inside SL as soon as I know anything concrete I'll post here

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    The sculpty export was broken in the beta`s of the new update. I reported the problem/bug and it was fixed for the PC version(when I checked), but not for the MAC (I do not have a MAC, others reported the bug still there on MAC).

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    Thanks!! for the reply
    now I know its not just me making mistakes or trying to use the new software with outdated info.

    --------------------------->DAZ! So how about fixing it for Macs?<------------------------</p>

    hysterical that I finally find something that I could really sink my teeth into (SL)
    finally a REAL use for all the info , software, creative inspiration ive hoarded from DAZ for years & years
    & now am going to have to switch to non Daz software to simply upload a sculpty

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