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I am trying to parent a prop sword from my Hellsing content but it doesn't seem to be working(or maybe I am doing it wrong, I am new to DS4 and still trying to find my way around). Can anybody walk me through this process? I have the DS4 Pro studio. Thanks I have gotten some good advice from this forum.:coolsmile::coolsmile:


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    If it's a smart prop, select the figure and then load the prop, and it should do it automatically. If it's not a smart prop, move the prop where you want it and adjust it to the right angle, and then go into the scene tab, open up the figure, and just drag and drop the prop onto the body part you want it attached to -- I'm guessing a hand, in this case.

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    Just in case ThinMicks advice was not enough I will give a fuller example.

    Load Genesis, morph it to the figure you will use the prop with. Some morphs change shape so that will help.
    Load Prop with Genesis selected in the Scene TAB. Did the prop go into place? If Yes, your done. If not then...
    Use the universal tool (looks like a circle with a cross in it) to move the prop into the best postion you can.
    Open the Scene Tab, Expand Genesis untill you see the part of the body you want to parent the prop to.
    Point to prop NAME in the Scene Tab and CLICK HOLD the item, drag the NAME to the Genesis part you wish.
    Hand Right, Hand Left ect....
    Pose Genesis, Pose hand, Tweak the prop as is needed. All you do is select the prop in the Scene Tab to edit it.

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    This is something that I've had trouble with as well, and I think ThinMick's and Jaderail's advice is good. Just wanted to add/emphasize that it helps to load and parent the prop when Genesis (or whatever figure you're using) is still in the default T-pose at the default location...then you can change the figure's pose and position.

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