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Heya. I've been using Daz3d for a little while now, though I've been using the 2.3 version since I found it much simpler to use. When 3 came out I skipped it, but I did manage to get my hands on Daz3d 4 and was keen to start using it, especially after purchasing a recent item which only allows me to use on the latest addition.

I have installed Daz3d 4, but I am having great trouble finding a way to import the files from the 2.3 version. Each time I try to migrate content it simply comes up with an error. Trying to map directories also fails as nothing is listed. Any information seems beyond access on google as each thread topic on the same subject seems to lead to a dead link, and having searched I've not really found any helpful information at all.

It's probably something really simple and I will no doubt feel stupid when it is explained, but could someone help me out with this issue? I'd like to upgrade to Daz3d 4 if I can but I need to find a means to access my old content from 2.3

Thanks for your time.


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    What error are you getting? All you should need to do is right-click on Poser Formats and DAZ Studio Formats in the Content Library pane and choose the Add directory option.

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