Bicycle Abs Crunch Pose

Hi all,

Now I want to make a Bicycle Abs Crunch Pose with the hands hug the head. But I just can do as the image attached. Plz help me.

Thank you!

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  • Looks as if you have used only the shoulder and not the collar bones.

  • I used the collar bones as you said, it's better a little bit. But I still can't make it look like demo image. It's so ugly sad . Special the space of hand and head.

    Plz help me more. Thank you so much!

    Bicycle-Crunch (1).jpg
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  • Cris PalominoCris Palomino Posts: 10,241

    It's important to look for good reference.  You have a side view, but not any other angle.  When possible, try the pose yourself so you know what is moving.  Bicycle crunches can also be done from a standing position and this is a picture of that.

    It is essentially the same as the one from the lying position.  This shows you what you're missing; how the limbs cross and to where.  If you have a friend who can do this exercise and will let you photograph them, this will further allow you to see what to do.

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