Library Loading Speed - HELP - Solved.

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Okay, so this is my second post (I'm still needing help figuring out WHY I need an internet connection to make the library work, as mentioned in my first post) however, now that I know HOW to make the library actully load to a degree, I'd like to know HOW to actually make it load with some speed. I mean it's seriously slow. Opened a tree, took 4 mins to load the thumbnails in (And there were only 4 of those), when I applied a pose, had to wait 6 minutes for it to appear on the actual character.

If I do several things at once, nothing happens for a bit then it all spews out at once. It's pretty much lagging like hell. This is a brand new, top of the line gaming/graphics rendering PC. It shouldn't be taking 6 mins to change a damn pose. Help me figure out what's wrong!


Nevermind, thanks to a helpful soul in my other post, I've not got the library working much faster via my browser.

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