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Click on the button that shows my posts.


Look for the button that is no longer there.

Curse out programmers that eliminate good features.

Hope that search works on this version.

Curse out programmers that can't get technology that has been around for decades to work.

Look for the advanced search button.

Curse out programmers that hide features that are standard on most website forums.

Putz around for a quarter hour figuring out where the advanced search is.

Eureka! Type random BS into the search field.

Go to the site location (Home / Forum Home / Advanced Search / Search Results)

Click on advanced search

Curse out programmers that don't put titles on all the fields.

Guess that the unnamed field is to search by member name.

Enter my name & hit search

No joy

Thanks DAZ

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    Click on profile, under your name on the left of the screen, Click on "View all posts by this member" up there on the left, under your Member Group

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