Help: Bryce 7 Pro crashes on launch {Side by side error] Windows Error



  • Seems like a simple enough question.  I haven't discovered an answer yet in these forums.  Can Bryce 7.x work on a 64 bit Windows platform, yes or no?  I'm using Windows 10 64 bit and would like to download Bryce 7.1.  But the specs say 32 bit only - so I'm going to assume no.

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    Simple answer   yes

    For a more in depth answer you will need to check through the forum,  there are several threads about using Bryce on a widows 10 machine.

    I use mine on a quad core 64 bit machine,  but have refused to upgrade past Windows 7.  However I do know people are working onit Bryce on windows 10.

    This is just one of several threads

  • I run Bryce Pro 7.1 on an I7-6700 Windows 10 build 1809 without the side by side.  No trouble!

  • Chohole said:

    You need the vcredist_x86.EXE

    Thanks for the help Chohole.

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    J'ai un soucis avec Bryce, il se lance bien, mais si j'ouvre un fichier .brc j'ai le message "Bryce.exe caused an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in module Bryce.exe at 0023:00617BCA"

    Ce fichier a été exporté par le logiciel CarScanner.

    Et dans lle Stack Trace il y a plein de dll ainsi bien sur que Bryce :


    Comment donc utiliser Bryce sans ces erreurs ?


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