Import into Poser?

I just bought the Medusa Bundle and I am trying to import it into poser. I'm new to poser and all 3d software. So please simple explanations!! thanks so much. Hopefully someone can help asap as I am tring to get a project done for tomorrow. Thanks a lot ya'll.


  • the Medusa Bundle has poser files?

    just download the poser files (not the DS ones)

    unzip them and drop them into your poser runtime.

    it would help if you said which poser you are running and on what windows

  • I'm running poser 11


  • I dont se any poser files even tho it says that the medusa package can be downloaded for poser?


  • WandWWandW Posts: 2,760

    The Medusa Bundle is for V4, which is a Poser figure, so whatever files are there are the ones to use...

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