TUTORIAL - Applying Shaders by RKane_1 (as stolen blatantly from Jaderail)



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    Zev0 said:
    I want to know how to create a shader like the LIE series that applies additional texture overlays to any character skinshader you have loaded and leaving the original shader setting in place. I know how to do multi layer editing, but I want a shader instead of manually doing it.

    Uber surface 2 gives you the ability to add another diffuse bump displacement and ambient layer over the existing one, not sure if thats what you're after.

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    Uber Surface 2 also gives you blending modes like Add, Multiply and Mask Mode for the second Layer with a lot of flexibility on how the second layer shows though the first. This test image http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/2765/P75/#55305 I did a while ago with US2. The blueish veins under the skin comes from a second layer using a Black and White mask and diffuse colour a saturate blue/grey set the Blend to Mask Mode and adjusted the blend to about 50% so the second layer wasn't so harsh and mutted.

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    Thanks to MattyManx, scorpio64dragon, and Szark for all their expertise.

    Today we are adding ...

    What a Difference AO makes!
    includes recipes to add AO to a surface that uses DS standard shaders:

    Ambient Occlusion and Uber Env Q&A and Advice Thread
    includes Stonemason's version of default ds shader + ao recipe

    Gel Lights

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    Speaking of Ambiant Occlusion, pwSurface2 also has AO

    This is the online pwS2 help guide which also comes with the shader when you purchase it - http://www.poseworks.com/shaders/pwsurface2/

    All Posework DS shaders has a simular online guide. Just Google the name of the pwShader and it should be one of the first links

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    Okay, updated more of the main post with suggestions, tips and tricks.

    You guys got anything more? We is talkin' 'bout SHAYDERZ!

    What ya got?

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    I want to know,, muching about skin shader and light (mesh,, or envilonments or default) and lender engine,,

    My brain is almost panic,, when I think about combination of these,,,

    so I decide two things for myself,

    1,I just play with render-man (3D-light) of daz studio now.

    2. now I get uverenvironment light (it is default set of ds4) or volumelight set

    and I get ilanae grory light set,2 and 3, (it is mesh light, and rigged light,, OK,,I just recognize,
    It seems some kind of special good light sets,, I believe,,)

    I never try other light set, untill I know them well.

    so,, now I want to change my cute characeter skins more beautiful,, with good not so difficult skin shader,,,

    but I am not artist, and I think my eye maybe hole on face, about whati is beauty lender,
    I hope just keep skin clear and beauty and soft,, no spot,,,
    and I may not take long time for one picture,, I can not wait more than one hour,,,

    but I want to make more clear and beautiful lender in capable of ability and time.
    I am lazy man,,,

    so what skin shader you recommend for me??

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    Kita, if you want to use Area lights, UberEnviroment AND skin shaders, 1 hour of rendering time seems to be a bit short (or you have a Cray computer).

    With all these and an average imagesize of 1000 to 1500 pixels on the longest side and depending on the scene and background props you will have to count on rendering times from 1 hour upwards, often an "overnighter"!

    As for the skin shader, almost all of the newer skins and characters with DS-mats are coming already with an advanced skin shader. If you want it smooth and clean, play with the bump settings.

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    HU - I don't know if this is back to free just for a few hours or more permanently, so don't wait if you want it Put it in the cart and "buy it" fast ;-)


    Thank you zigraphix :-)

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    hey, sorry to revive an old thread but ill rather ask here than just make a thread.
    i tried doing everyhing in the tutorital but i cant, for the life of me, apply ANY shader to ANY figure.
    in this case, i bought the rock shader (http://www.daz3d.com/ingenious-rock-shaders) and cannot apply to anything.
    not even the models used in the promos (like vic 5 and grecian goddess outfit).

    what am i doing wrong? did the DIM not install the shader correctly?

    now i feel like the dumbest person in the planet. i completely misread one of the steps, managed to apply the shader correctly afterwards.

    so now im turning this into a THANK YOU FOR THE TUTORIAL! post

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  • Thanks for the brilliantly simple explanation - brilliant in the sense that the author spared us extraneous jibberish to stroke his own ego - something that irks the hell out of me. The idea is basically simple: transfer the required steps to complete the process as directly & succinctly as possible. It's an art form and that is what makes this a shining example of how not to take on the persona of a retarded instructor. Kudos for editorial rights.

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    Just marking so I can find the tutorials later

  • Thanks a million!

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