Could image scaling be a solution for a worse video card?

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[Could image scaling be a solution for a worse video card?] I mean, if I render everything in QHD or HD, then use image scaling in an external program.

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    The posters around here who have done that seem to be satisfied with the results.

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    There's been an explosion in the number of these available recently but all of them are only as good as the subjects they've been trained on. A fair number are asking a not insignificant amount of money for a subscription and I'd want to try these out first to see if they did what I wanted.

    A decent offline free upscaler -

    It's not good enough for what we want to do but it might suit. Try out all the various models it comes with as some work better with landscapes, others with portraits etc.

    We use Gigapixel -

    It's not free but neither is it overly expensive and, somewhat rare these days, you buy the software and it's yours - no subscription. It's great with landscapes and people but can be hit and miss in other areas. It also has an unlimited free trial but you can't save anything.

    At the end of the day an upscaler is never going to be as good as a larger render but if you're limited by hardware they're definitely worth spending a couple of hours on and deciding for yourself. Certainly a lot cheaper than a new GPU...

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