A set of Glass Kitchen Mixing Bowls

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Just a little set of three freebies based on a set my MIL gave to my wife & I in the early 1990's. I think the bowls date back to the late 1950's (they have that slight post-austerity feel), but I could be wrong.

They are practically impossible to see in Filament preview mode.

Anyway, three very simple models and a scene subset of them stacked. I hope they might be useful.



Mixing Bowl Set Promo.png
1200 x 800 - 1M
Mixing Bowl Set.zip
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    Very nice, thank you Richard !

  • richardandtracyrichardandtracy Posts: 5,228

    Thanks. Hope they're useful.

    At the moment I've got a little list of things to things to model up. Wooden spoon, disposable bamboo chopsticks in a paper sleeve, potato masher, potato peeler and (not sure why after the rest of the kitchen oriented stuff) a set of cheap chip carving knives and a storage box.



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    I was thinking it would be great to have covers on those bowls, only I don't know if I could make the gathered part, my modelling has not reached that point yet. I'll give it a try since I need all the practice I can get lol

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    The gathered parts, those are normally done in the texturing process. If you look for fabric wrinkles, stitches, etc. as alphas [.psd or .png formats] in places like ArtStation some free ones "might" be findable.

    I just looked there and found a set of 80 for less than $5. One of them, number 38, looks pretty close [obviously would need editing to match the mesh's UVs]. The set is called "80 seam brushes without stiches" [not a typo].

    eta: when modeling the rim area, it would need 'more rather than less' quads so the displacement maps can work in the wrinkles.

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