Can't select or Deselect items in an environment

Dear Crosswind or anyone else, I need help.

I am about to do some kind of render, I placed a G9F figure and an environment called "Divine Dining Room" I got that from the store some time ago.

My problem is that I can't select the items that are not needed and delete them from the scene, I don't want to do a blind guess of what do I need to keep and take out.

Also I have a limited view and I need a better view, how can achieve that.

I have to add food into the scene as well.

I am into some stretch as I need to finish my project in no time.

Any imput would be appreciated.

I will comeback soon to see if there is any suggestions, meanwhile I am going to eat something, get a power up or I will end up exhausted.

Screenshot 2024-05-23 182637.jpg
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    Oh ~ my friend, pls check which Tool you're using. It seems that you're with Surface Selection tool... If you're, you can hover the mouse cursor to those separate items, then you're also able to select them... But better press Alt + Shift + U to switch back to Universal tool to select items. That'll be easier.

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    My dear friend Crosswind, I have been very busy doing some file management lately.

    Now I am doing something, (wish it could be my bithday, alas not yet) you see, I have to sweat it out for the ungrateful family members, and this task is not going to be easier as a pie.

    Sometimes when hoovering the mouse pointer you saw the yellow area, this causes me to not select the items.

    Dou you think I can make more visible the room, even thought when trying to zoom out my big obstacle is the wall, curtains.

    The positioning is driving me crazy

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    Ah... you can open DrawSettings pane, change Highlight style to "Bounding Box Only". I always use this style as the surface highlight is pretty annoying.

    And within such a small room, you can always hide the walls, curtains, (obstacles) etc.. that block the interior visibility. cool

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    Apparently, I had managed to delete unwanted items from the scene.

    Today, I wanted to work and do the render, to my bad luck, the figure components are gone crying, I used Face Transfer 2, because this kind of render is for a family member.

    I want to give a surprise with the polished result.

    Now I have to go back to the drawing board and work my way from zero to hero.

    Is there a way, to permanently save my work and use it again without any loss?

    I need to to get it done by today if possible, I will be packing a present later and include the finished artwork.

    I am going to use another environment I bought from the store, the other looked nice, but I need more room, also I am setting the image to about 6000 px if I increase more this will take more time to render, the idea is a crisp image output without sacrifying the quality. I am waiting for your reply, thanks!

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    In general, as long as you correctly save your scene files \ scene subset or preset files, and well keep them on the disk, as well as periodically back up your Daz working directory, I don't think you'll lose anything.

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    I saved the scene, coming back to do the finishing touches, I could not find the files needed for the figure to load.

    Which method I can use, Scene subset or Preset files?

    I need a nifty solution

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    Have you deleted or moved the dependent files of that scene file ? What warning message you got related to what type of files that were missing when you opened the scene file ?

    Normally a Scene file just works fine as everything is saved within it... But just in case you accidentally delete the scene file in Content Library or there's any mis-operation or the scene file is corrupt due to various reasons... better additionally save Scene Subsets of the figures / objects that're important to you.

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    Hey Crosswind you looked more handsome with the cat Picture, now you look more as Kung Fu Panda figure.

    As for if I deleted something, nope.

    If Daz Studio files get corrupted, it will be a big pain to me, reinstall it as I will need to get everything back in place

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    Crosswind, I am not sure if I have done well with the render, I appreciate your help, I have learned something I didn't know.

    Now I am going to bed, I worked hard with all elements, the results on screen looks good, I will do a print out and see how went so far.

    for the view, I managed to get more view in screen, I have tried to increase the resolution, this was not possible, it fell under 2000 px

    In texture shaded view I managed to select the unwanted item and I deleted them.

    Time to get some zzz

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    Yea, my name is Po...

    And what's the problem about the render on earth ? I don't understand " it fell under 2000 pixels"...

  • Halcon BlueskyHalcon Bluesky Posts: 317

    Still working on it, hope to have it finished on night time, I am taking a break now, it is a surprise, I don't want to spoil it.

    So quiet time for now.

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    Crosswind or any other member out there.

    I have no time to spare, my problem is that rendering with viewport is not letting me to increase the image size, at the moment I got H 1223 x W 2500 px

    I believe the image quality is not satisfactory. there is some little blemish in the clothing, I will have to fix that with an image editor.

    I have less than 3 hours to meet the deadline and do another render asap.

    Look at the screenshots

    Looking forward for your advice, thanks!

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    Why not set the Dimension Preset to "Custom" (instead of "Active Viewport")  then you can set the width and height to the setting of your choice (within reason) 

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    Hello MelanieL, thanks for your prompt reply, I have tried that without success, The Monitor I use is a Gigabyte Aorus FV43U, the display size 3840 x 2160 connected to an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 video card.

    I have tried several numbers, it does not behave the way I want, so its an equation mismatch, any ideas?

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    What is the way that you want it to behave... i.e. what is the pixel size that you want ? For instance, if going for 3840 x 2160, you choose Custom in Dimension Preset, then type in 16:9 into Aspect Ratio, then type in 3840 in Pixel Size - W field, it didn't work ?

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  • Halcon BlueskyHalcon Bluesky Posts: 317

    My dear friend Crosswind, I will try your suggestion, I could not sleep well, so I am in a dire situation.

    I hope it works indecision

  • crosswindcrosswind Posts: 5,133

    And if you want to freely specify the size, turn off Constrain Proportions (Global).  Have a good rest and spleep tight then! cool

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    Barely I got up, not even tasted breakfast yet, this situation is freaking me out.

    Time to get a Berocca tablet and dissolve in a glass of water, hope I can succeed

    BTW wish it could be my birthday, I would give me whatever I want within my reach

    I have less than two hours from now, wish me luck!

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    Sure thing ! Good luck my dear friend ! And take it easy !

    Po was not a Kung Fu master in a day ~~ wink

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    Crosswind, I did another render, it took 2 hours, after that I compared with the previous renders, v4 did not fill up the viewport, it looked good.

    After doing the prints, I had settle with the the first viewport render, this almost filled the page with mixed results.

    Maybe, next time I will try something more different.

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    That sounds good ! Keep going with it man ! yes

  • Halcon BlueskyHalcon Bluesky Posts: 317

    I am taking a break, I will do something more different.

    At last, my relatives got pleased with the results.

    It was me who sweated it out all the way, there is no rewards for me.

    Until next time pal. smiley

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