How To Modify An LIE Not In the Surfaces Pane

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My search results all point me to the Sufaces Pane to modify an LIE. I have some characters that have LIE assets I would like to lighten, but these LIE items don't appear in the Surfaces Pane. When I click on the thumbnail for the LIE item in the Materials folder, the LIE is applied to the figure, but how do I access the LIE to modify it- lighten it if I can't access it through the Surfaces Pane?

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 97,834

    It must be applied to some mappable proerpty, most likely in the Surfaces pane. Check all of the mapped proerpties for the surface9s) affected - if you hover the mouse over the nano thumbnail you will get a pop-up tool tip with a slightly larger thumbnail and the path to the file - any LIE images will be in the DS Temp folder rather than Runtime/Textures..

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    Thanks, Richard. What I've been able to find in the Suraces pane, when I expand the listing is "surfaces". When I select that, and click on the small box where the LIE image would be next to one of the maps, a huge list pops up. I'm able to select the various areas of the figue which have an LI, which then opens the LIE. I'm still experimenting with the process. Most of the time I can see the LI directly from the list of properties, and open the LIE directly from the small thumbnail.

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