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Hi, I want to learn how to add dforce to clothing. I have found and have been reading the forum post about dforce, start here. It will take me a little or longer time to read and practice. What I want to do is add dforce to existing clothing that does not have dforce already added. In particular I want to add dforce to Sloshwerks magnificent "As you wish" outfit https://www.daz3d.com/as-you-wish-genie-outfit-for-genesis-2-female-s. Now, here's the issue. Before I start. Is it possible to successfully add dforce to a clothing item that has been converted from it's original generation (in this case G2F to G8F) then add dforce? Converted using the built in support for genesis figures to use previous genesis figure clothing? I don't want to go through all the stress of trial and error when it is not possible. So far in my reading about adding dforce it says some clothing, depending on how it is made, is not going to give reasonable results or may just explode. If someone has added dforce to this clothing, I would be very interested in the results. People who have converted clothing from one generation to another and then added dforce would be another welcome comments.


  • ElorElor Posts: 761

    I don't have the product you're speaking about and I have yet to try doing it (but I'm planning on trying it myself) but theorically, it should be possible.

    IThey are likely other videos, but these two are the ones I watched recently and hopefully, they may help you: the first one explain a parameter to change to reduce the risk of explosion, the second goes a bit further by explaining how to paint a dForce weight map, which will (if my understanding is correct) help you to decide which part will be simulated and which part will stay mostly in place.


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 97,501

    dForce should be applicable to any geometry item (it probably wouldn't work, as dForce cloth, on strand based hair or on OptiTex dynamics without first exporting to OBJ and reimporting). However, there are a lot of potential issues - with that outfit I would suspect that the metal elements will need to be excluded, and you may find you need to add a weight-map as an anchor if parts are not modelled as welded.

  • chris-2599934chris-2599934 Posts: 1,784

    You can apply dforce modifiers to anything (whether it works or not is another matter), conversion between generations ought not to make any difference, but you won't know till you try.

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 97,501

    Care needs to be taken - limiting dForce (by Dynamic Strength) to just the Sheer surfaces on the Vest and Harem Pants, and reducing the Simulation Offset, I was able to simulate but I wasn't able to tweak settings to include the trim - which would be limiting on the vest. Ideally one would want, I think, to add a dForce AddOn to the pants to help them keep their offset 9the real things would probably have stiffening of some kind to keep their distance from the skin).

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    Some great suggestions, thank you very much. Elor, the vid links are a great assistance to help re-inforce the written word. Richard, I had read about these wieght maps and un-welded cloth, which I believe was very common in older clothing items. I had intended to exclude the metal. I was also thinking I would need to do something to stop the pants flling straight down, so they keep a little stiffness but collide with other objects, like when sitting. Although that does also need the time line animation to move the two items together during the simulation. I was thinking to not include the trim on the pants to help them drape away from the legs. I wasn't thinking of adding dforce to the vest as it does drape well and for most poses doesn't cause me concern. Chris, thanks for your input. I like that you don't think converting between generations should cause any issues. 

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